London Muse

Wow, Christmas may be over but the season of giving definitely is now! As well as the Free Kpop Lover’s party, don’t forget about the KCC‘s Korean music calendar giveaway too! You can find more about this giveaway in our previous post together with some teaser photos of what we think is the coolest calendar EVER! The giveaway starts tomorrow (28 December 2011, they open at 10am!) so don’t miss out!

And whilst you are down there make sure you check out the KCC’s latest exhibition called Muse London.
KCC Muse

This 4th Annual Exhibition consists of contemporary art by UK Korean Artists. At this exhibition you will see the video works of 6 Korean artists who are living and working in the UK: Eemyun Kang, Seokyeong Kang, EE, Wonwoo Lee, Sean Roh and Kiwoun Shin. This exhibition is on until 21 January 2012 so catch it whilst you can! It is very different from your usual British museum pieces. Read more for our visit to the KCC!

From the KCC website:

The exhibition dwells more specifically on the artists’ interior world as seen through the lens of a foreign world city. The artworks gives highly personal reports of the ‘London experience’ told through interviews, documentary snippets, exotic fantasy, paranoia and studied reflections.

I went down to the exhibition and found it very abstract. According to who you are, the pieces are very open to interpretation and the message they express varies from person to person. The most memorable pieces have to be from EE, its very colourful and abstract and sometimes randomly mind blowing in a super awesome way, I think thats the only way to describe it. I think EE was definitely one of my favourites! I don’t want to give too much away but make sure you check out all their videos, if you see a timer, wait, be patient, be inquizitive, be curious…

London Muse

Kiwoun Shin’s pieces are towards the main entrance of the exhibition and was most open to interpretation. What the grinding represents and the symbolism of the objects. The timing of the grinding along with the music was also very significant as it make you pause for thought and really think about the meaning of the piece. As a “British Foreigner” my interpretation of this piece was very different from others. The grinding symbolised a sort of forceful erasing to me especially as it was grinding downwards but the music remained clear and present as the object disappears. Make sure you take the time to view this piece and see what message you get.

Go into the screen area to see Seokyeong Kang’s piece. Here you can watch as she compiles a piece of artwork. Its very interesting to see a piece of work come to life, to see how the artist’s mind work. She is very swift handed, she knows exactly where everything goes and how she wants it to look. Then hidden in a white acute corner is a piece by Wonwoo Lee, you have to stand by the speakers and watch a small TV on the floor. The way in which the artist forces you to view their piece is interesting, it makes you really think about the message and emotions he is trying to convey. Towards the end of the exhibition is Eemyun Kang’s video piece of interviews with various artists. Again the different way in which she makes you view her piece gives the viewer a different feeling and the experience is more intimate.

Lastly the very favourite was Sean Roh. His work is by the main reception so don’t be shy, go over, but on the headphones and listen to his stories about life in London as a Foreigner. His work is probably the most accessible and digestible of the London Muse collection, it is a simple straight forward story telling video. Once you put on the head phones and watch the video, you feel emersed into his world and his commentary is very captivating and intimate, you feel like you are really connecting with the artist and experiencing his story. For lack of a better word his videos are very “cute” and our favourite is definitely the pork one so make sure you check it out!

London Muse
Muse London is on until 21st January 2012 so make sure you pop in!


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