No7 launches BB cream

You may remember our first post about UK BB creams here.  Garnier and No17 had launched a BB cream into the UK market and we at the MASSIVE tested out the No17 with a review long overdue (you’ll soon see why its taking so long).  Today during our lunch break as we casually slipped our coffee and flipped through our magazine (whilst cursing the fact that we have to work today..)  We came across this MASSIVE 2 page advert:

No7 launches BB cream

No7 has now jumped on the bb cream band wagon too!!! And this would explain why a certain member of the MASSIVE got told that the BB cream had not been launched yet when they went to buy the No17 BB Cream… :P

We’ve had a look on and found its already available to purchase.  Like the other 2 BB Creams there are only 2 shades available, Fair and Medium.  But what makes No7 different is that they are really pushing the skincare side of things rather then just as a make up product.  The No7 BB cream is also available for 3 different skin types:

bb cream no7

There is Normal/Oily, Normal/Dry and Dry/very Dry.  One of the main complaints with the No17 and Garnier BB Creams have been that its too oily.  So hopefully these extra option would help all those oily skin types and now that its winter, many would also benefit from the dry/very dry option.  The spf isn’t as high as the No17 one though at only SPF 15 but it should be fine for all these winter months in the UK!

Once we post up our No17 review (we promise it will be soon!!!) we should hopefully be trying this No7 review.  Fingers crossed the Normal/oily really works!!!

Does anyone else plan to try the No7 BB cream? Has anyone come across some Beauty Guru reviews before we go and spend our monies?

And don’t forget to enter our BB Calendar giveaway!!! The BB there stands for Big Bang :P See what we did there! :D


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