T-ara makes us Cry Cry

T-ara makes us Cry Cry

All this in 3 seconds

You may remember a post from earlier this month about Kpop practise videos found HERE. T-aras single Cry Cry is a perfect example of our Love Hate relationship with Kpop camera work and editing.  T-ara is a seven member girl band all fighting for camera time and with Cry Cry having such a elaborate dance routine, the performances have been a bit of a headache for all those who appreciate a good dance routine.

Cry Cry was quite a epic release.  There are a total of 3 MV’s with a very high budget.  But even with a movie version music video and a ballad version music video, the dance version music video still struggled to find the perfect balance between close up and dance routine shots:

We love Cry Cry here at the MASSIVE and we love T-ara so we understand that each member should get a chance for a close up, its like being the person who gets to end an episode of Eastenders and getting the much covetted *intense look* doof doof end shot.  But when its all just thrown in for the sake of being thrown in with less then a split second each, not only does our brain not register exactly who we are actually seeing, but its practically headache inducing; making all efforts redundant. A perfect example of this is towards the beginning of the dance mv 30 seconds in, it tries to work in a quick edit of close up shots of all the members to go with the tinkling music. The above photo is a compilation of all the shots we see in that 3 seconds.  We bet your brain didn’t even register it.

T-ara makes us Cry Cry

Then comes the first verse, we understand that Jiyeon has had a complete make over and you need to make it obvious shes singing.  But the amount of close up solo shots she gets is excessive and we loose the chance to see the beautiful formation dance that goes with it.  In that 9 seconds we also counted a whoping number of 13 cuts/edits! Possibly more, we don’t know, our eyes started to hurt.  And what is with that one flash shot of the whole group at 0.55 amongst the MASSIVE Hyomin solo dance bit, it didn’t really serve much of a purpose.  Then not only is there suddenly an injection of more dancers but the camera starts to jitter shake and move.  This Unni cannot take anymore… But one last thing I wanted to add was, we couldn’t even tell that was Boram doing the awesome couple dance bit!!! ARGH!

T-ara makes us Cry Cry

But luckly, Loent had released a dance practice video so that we can fully appreciate this beautiful and elaborate dance along, with a Ballad version for all those who just wanted to appreciate the beauty of T-ara without the headache inducing edits. Thank you fade ins! The amazing dance:

But without this practice video, would we have ever had a chance to see this amazing dance routine in full? I am in love with this dance atm and got super excited when the Loko team taught a bit of this in their last 2011 workshop (post here).  But after watching the first few comeback performances, the camera work and editing was infuriating as I just wanted a chance to see the amazing dance in all its glory but was constantly disrupted with cuts and unnecessary close ups. Have a go on youtube and see what you think, make sure you compare their earlier performances with their later ones, you can really tell that the camera men are slowly getting to know the performance and getting the hang of the dance routine vs the close up shots.

T-ara makes us Cry CryAs mentioned earlier, the LOKO team taught a bit of the Cry Cry dance at their last dance workshop. The Loko mama says when learning the dances, the practice videos are best to perfect the steps as you can see the whole dance in the wide shots, but sometimes, the choreography gets changed once they are performed on stage and to “mimc the feeling and personality of the dance/song you need to watch the live performances”. As only then can you get the true feel and emotion of the dance, but to actually learn a dance from live performances alone is difficult due to the amount of close ups. Infact, the Loko team also rely on watching other people’s dance covers too and basically whatever they can get their hands on is of great help!!! So a tip from the Loko team, if you want to learn the dance, watching other people’s dance cover’s can really help you with the choreography!

So are there any other music videos that have annoyed you lately? And what do you prefer? To see your bias and lots of fan service or to be able to see the dance routine in all its glory? Also has anyone attempted to learn the dances before? What is your material of choice?

p.s I just wanted to point out how incredibly hard it was to get those above still shots from the music video as they just happened so quickly!!!


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