Winner of First MASSIVE Giveaway!

Good Morning!!! We now have the great honour of announcing the winner to our first ever giveaway!!! We would like to thank all those who joined and helped spread the word!!! We had a total of 27 VIPs enter our giveaway and we have finally selected a winner for this super cute Big Bang Calendar!!!

Bigbang calendar

We selected the winner by listing all participants and assigning them a number. We then used a online random number generator to help us pick a number and viola, A WINNER! (This is like the environmentally friendly version of picking it out of the hat).

The winning number is:

BB Giveaway Winner

And the lucky winner is:BB Giveaway List

MARIAM I!!! We will be contacting you shortly for posting address!!! And also, to all those who did not win, never fear, we have something special planned for you guys later on!!! Stay tuned!!! As remember, Koreans have two New Years!!! ;)


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