2012 HMV starring DBSK

We start 2012 by returning to HMV to see how the Kpop section was going.  We have been keeping track of the Kpop selection in HMV over the past few months and after the popularity of the Cube giveaway, the selection was looking rather bare.  But at the beginning of 2012, it seems that Mr HMV has restocked!

This is for all the indie fans from UKFC, 10cm is instock in stores!!!

hmv kpop london jan 2012 3

But we have noticed there is still a significant lack of idol boybands! From our earlier HMV posts you can see an ample selection of Superjunior albums which have all been quickly snapped up along with SHINee and MASSIVE’s new obessioin Infinite (Ah, dancing machine Hoya…..).  There is also still no sign of Big Bang that HMV Ahjusshi tweeted about a month ago.  But the Kpop selection is proving to be quite popular with albums constantly being sold out.  Most of the albums available at HMV online are out of stock and most of the albums from the very first batch of Kpop albums as seen in our first post are no longer available!

hmv kpop london jan 2012 4

But what new additions do we have for 2012? The Kpop display is still standing strong on the lower floor of HMV Oxford circus and we can spot two new popular additions to the selection:

Two of Korea’s most popular girl bands. We see your taste is very wide and varied Mr Ahjusshi.  But apart from these two, the selection is very much the same with Kara, Sistar, GNa and BoA.

But just as we were leaving, something caught our eye in the Japan section. Why it’s none other then the Kings of the East, DBSK, TVXQ, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Tohoshinki – whatever you wish to call them, they’re there!!! Obviously because it’s their Japanese album it’s been put in the Japan section. Finally, the Kings of Kpop have finally landed in HMV!!!

With HMV finally acknowledging the demand for Kpop and putting in the effort to please Kpop fans of London, 2012 looks set to be a explosive year of Kpop in the UK.  And with exciting whispers of what’s to come in 2012, we can only imagine the possibilities for HMV. Don’t forget that HMV are relying on fans to let them know what’s hot and what’s not. Make sure to check out Unitedkpop‘s latest e-magazine to see HMV’s Top 10 Kpop and support them in their fight to get more Kpop in the UK!

Here is a list of all our past HMV posts.  Check them out to see the progress and growth of Kpop in HMV Oxford Circus:


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