Korean Shakespeare at Globe Theatre

Although many of us have probably sat through English Literature lessons in our youth, staring blankly at a page of Shakespeare and wondering what on earth he was trying to say, isn’t it time we gave one of our country’s greatest ever minds another chance? And what better way for those interested in Korean culture and literature to get back into his plays than to watch one of his works in Korean!

Korean Shakespeare

Since 2002, the Yohangza Theatre group has been coming to The Globe theatre to perform A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and has been thrilling audiences ever since. This year, with London hosting the Olympics, The Globe is not only hosting a Korean production, but a total of 38 productions, each done in a different language, can be seen as part of the ‘Globe to Globe’ project. So you can enjoy Shakespeare not only in Korean, but in a variety of other Asian languages, Turkish, Serbian, Castillan Spanish, Hebrew, and even British Sign Language and Hip Hop!! There are many other languages too, so don’t miss out and take a look at the full roster here.

This is an extremely difficult project taken on by The Globe Theatre –
“It is, perhaps, the most ambitious multilingual Shakespeare project ever attempted and the Globe’s artistic director, Dominic Dromgoole, said today it was “a terrifically clear and simple and slightly bananas idea”, but one, he hoped, that would show how Shakespeare has become an international language.”

Text taken from The Guardian newspaper

The Globe Theatre has a great significance when we think about its connection to Shakespeare. Many of his plays were performed here during his time, and the theatre even went up in flames during a production of his play Henry VIII due to an on stage theatrical cannon misfiring! Having opened up again in modern times in 1997, it’s great to see how the productions have become more diverse and international, while still being able to retain the heart of what a Shakespeare play is all about. There is no doubt that the Yohangza Theatre Group’s version of Shakespeare’s play will have all the essential elements, but be wonderfully innovative at the same time.
The Globe Website also provides information about the Yohangza Theatre Group, who will be performing the Midsummer Night’s Dream production.
Visit the Globe Website for more information

Visit the Globe Website for more information

The Globe aren’t exaggerating when the say the production will be filled with vibrancy, take a look at the clip below of a past production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by the Yohangza Theatre Company.

Korean Class MASSIVE can’t wait to go after seeing this extract! We’d advice you to book early to avoid disappointment as this looks like one amazing production.

 Sources for article from here and here


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