Korean Lessons at the Sejong Institute

Korean Lessons at the Sejong InstituteA new year has started, and it’s time for the Sejong Institute’s Korean classes to begin again at the  Korean Cultural Centre. Applications for new students will be open from January 9th at 10am, so to all those in London who’ve thought about learning Korean, now’s your chance! Just click here to learn about the whole application process and what you need to do.  Unfortunately these classes are for 18 years and over but hang in there young ones!

Korean Class MASSIVE are all students here, so we can say first hand that you’ll have a great time learning at the Institute. The lessons are paced really well, and the teachers are all very understanding and patient, willing to help you in all ways possible. The lessons are also FREE, which is amazing. All you need to do is purchase your own text book (approx £20). There is a test at the end of each term, but don’t worry, if you study hard, you’ll be fine. The mix of ages and backgrounds in the classes is also really nice and diverse – there’s a good mix of ages and of men and women. You also find that people are coming to the classes for lots of different reasons, from wanting to work or live in Korea, to being married to a Korean person, or just wanting to be able to watch their favourite drama without subtitles!  So don’t be shy!

Please note that if you’re planning on applying, make sure you’d be committed to studying hard. As this is a free class, it’s important that people take it seriously and attend all the lessons; you must attend at least 9 out of the 11 classes to pass! Otherwise it would be unfair on all those keen students who are willing to put in the time and effort.

The levels and times of classes are:
KCC London Sejong Free Korean lessons

And for those that may want to apply for a class higher than beginners, there will be a separate assessment for you.

Further information

Placement test: For the levels Intermediate and above, applicants will be asked to sit a placement test. The test will take place on Saturday 14th January 2012 at 12 noon and will last approximately 90 minutes depending on the situation. The test will include a brief written test and a short conversation with one of our Korean teachers.

This year, extra consideration is being given to those who may need to learn Korean for cultural reasons i.e. your job may need you to speak Korean, or you’re involved in diplomatic work with Korea etc.

Applicants with a Cultural Background

For each intake a limited number of spaces will be made available to applicants whose work builds upon the strong cultural bonds between Korea and the UK (sports, diplomatic, tourism, the arts). Should you feel that you fit into one of these groups please include with your application: a short cover letter and a recommendation from your employer.

Deciding who gets a place in classes is done by a computer, picking out applicants randomly, so it’s all very fair (Cultural Background students will have spaces set aside for them already).

Student selection
Applicants with a Cultural Background : 13 January
lottery based: 13th January 2012, 16.00 / Korean Cultural Centre UK, Seminar Room 1
※ Waiting list: applicants Students who were not successful in the first selection process will automatically be included in the draw for the remaining places.
※ Should you wish to attend the student selection (lottery) please indicate on your application form.
Details of successful applicants will be uploaded on the website Friday 13th January 2012 at 6pm and contacted individually via email.

We’d say that if you’re looking to start, or continue learning Korean, the Sejong Institute is a great place. As long as you’re willing to put in time and effort, you’ll find that you’ll make good friends and pick up a new language.

Good luck in your application and hope to see you at the end of term mixer!!! You can call us sunbaenim ᄏᄏᄏ


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