Kpop at the 2012 Olympics

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Kpop veterans Super Junior have once again proved how they are the leader in the Hallyu Wave by making it onto the Top 10 lists of bands people want to see open the London 2012 Olympics.  We are not sure about the legitimacy of this poll and people on Facebook are free to add new candidates.  But with over 21000 likes on Facebook only, its a good representation of who’s popular amongst the world wide online community!!!

Top 10 Olympic

Top 10 Olympic voteAs of 11am on the 6th January 2012, the current top 2 spots are taken by British bands McFly and One Direction.  But at number 3 we have South Korean Mega Boy Band Super Junior! Who is closely followed by the Global sensation that is Lady Gaga.

You can view all the candidates and vote via HERE.  Whilst we were going through all the different options, we spotted the much missed Busted ranked at 101.  Unfortunately they have disbanded, but it is nice to see that they are not forgotten by all their loyal fans.

Amongst the top 100 were 3 other Kpop entries who have overtaken Britain’s very own current idol groups:
Top 100 Olympic Songs, Kpop
We were surprised to see that 2NE1 was only at 103 of the list too but we have YG being represented at number 13 by MTV EMA winners Big Bang.  From this list we can see how the Hallyu wave is still pretty much dominated by Korea’s Top agencies SM and YG.  Again we would like to state that we are not 100% sure of the legitimacy of this poll or if it will have an effect on the upcoming opening of the 2012 London Olympics.  But it is fun to see the popularity of Kpop and the dedication of Kpop fangirls to get their idols internationally recognised :)
We hope you all have a Happy Friday!!!UPDATE:  It has been less then an hour since we posted and Super Junior has now managed to jump straight to number 1!!!  What could this mean?!?! Is there a chance we might see some Kpop action during the 2012 Olympics?!  One things for sure, Kpop fans are super awesome at supporting their idols!!!
Super Junior No1

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