200 days till the Olympics

120109 Olympic voteIt seems that since our last post regarding the Olympic performer poll , Kpop fans around the world has gone vote crazy and after a short weekend, Kpop idol groups are dominating 40% of the Top Ten positions.  All Top 3 spots are dominated by Kpop boybands Superjunior, Big Bang and Shinee with fellow Kpop royalty SNSD trailing not far behind.

UK bands One Direction and McFly have dropped down to 4th and 5th position with One Direction overtaking McFly since Friday and US Icon Lady Gaga right behind them.  And it seems that its not only Kpop fans who have been going crazy, the fans of Berlin “Neue Deutsche Härte” (New German Hardness) band Rammstein have also been voting and have managed to pull their band into the Top 10!

Kpop (and Neue Deutsche Härte) fans have managed to kick Adam Lambert and Laura Pausini out of the Top 10 as well as UK’s very own Muse! 2NE(1) has also managed to jump from 103 rank to 21. Coincidence or on purpose by 2NE1 fans? :D

Top 100 OlympicBut since Friday, other Kpop bands have also made an appearance into the Top 100 list.Both JYJ and TVXQ has made an appearance along with JYP’s first group to appear on the list Wonder Girls with 2pm trailing not far behind.  There also seems to be another 2NE1 (this time spelt correctly) that has appeared on the list! Cube favourites B2ST and 4Minute are also on the list after making quite an impression at the London United Cube concert! And with B2ST saying they plan to visit us again, B2tys are working hard to give them a very good reason to return!!! Infinite and Girl bands T-ara and another SM ent’s group f(x) have also managed to just scrap through into the Top 100.

But one of the most surprising entries is rookie group B1A4 coming in at 87 beating the likes of Bon Jovi (88) and Coldplay (90)!!! And another very surprising entry is original Superjunior member Hang Geng!!!

200 days til the Olympics

200 days til the Olympics

But the MASSIVE are still not sure of the legitimacy of this poll.  The Website Top Ten Lists isa collection of visitor created top ten lists categorized by list type and made available for you to edit and add to as you see fit (from the FAQ).  So basically anyone can create a poll and anyone can join in and participate by adding in new candidates etc.  But whether this Poll is actually acknowledged by the Olympic associations is still unconfirmed.  The Poll itself has no mention of being associated with the official 2012 Olympics but it does state:

Vote here if you want this person to sing in the London Olympics opening ceremonies 2012. Don’t agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.
And the official Olympic website does state that nothing has yet been planned:
200 days til the Olympics
So what will be the outcome of this poll? One things for sure, theres no harm in voting and you never know, this poll might get Kpop execs to take notice and make 2012 great for the UK not just in terms of the Olympics but for the Kpop movement too!!!update: You can volunteer to take part in the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies HERE.  Even though it is not confirmed if Kpop will be involved with the Olympic ceremonies, it will still no doubt be an AMAZING experience!!! 

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