Shake with IU and TRAX

You may remember our previous post about Kpop apps available on iTunes. There was Big Bang and 2NE1 along with a few Taeyang and Wonder Girls tunes on Tap Tap Revenge 4, Tap Sonic with their selection of Kpop tunes which included Rainbow, U-Kiss and infinite and SM Town’s Shake apps for Super Junior and SNSD.  But now there is even more!!! SM town has just released a Shake app for another one of their acts TRAX and IU has also had a Shake up! (ahem).

This is basically the same as the Superjunior and SNSD shake apps, it is played on the iDevices in a upward direction like Tap Tap Revenge.  You need to Tap, Slide and Shake to the music!  So far we have only had a chance to play IU’s app and one of the free songs is Good Day! It is already very addictive!!! But like the SM Shake apps, the app is free but you only get a very small selection of songs for free play so you will have to pay to play more songs.

Shake with IU and TRAX Shake with IU and TRAX

So who plans to get these new Kpop apps? And whos already mastered them? We are loving all these Kpop apps here at the MASSIVE but our favourite still has to be Tap Sonic.  Because it is played in the landscape position with more then just 3 “lanes”, you really feel like your fingers are dancing.

Shake with IU and TRAX

Ok this not such a great picture as you don’t really see the full extend of how you will need to slide around the screen, but normally when we’re playing at LEGEND 6 lanes mode, there is no time and not enough fingers to snap shot! The app is also free! But unlike the other apps, you will need wifi connection to actually be able to play Tapsonic.  But make sure you try out UKiss’ Neverland, it is one of the free tracks available and it is super fun!!!

And just so you can see the awesomeness, here is a video of UKiss’ Neverland being played.  This is not us BTW, we are no where near as good :(

Make sure you check out our previous post for info on all the original apps!!! All apps are available via iTunes either on your computer or iPhones/iTouch devices etc.


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