Drama caused by unofficial Olympic Poll

It seems that the recent Poll on Top Tens has caused quite a stir. We have been following the poll and you can read our previous posts here and update here.  The result of Kpop artists dominating the online poll was discovered and covered by one of Korea’s main newspapers 국민일보 :

Drama caused by unofficial Olympic Poll Drama caused by unofficial Olympic Poll

Link to article – Click on images for larger versions

Our translation of the article (thanks to super quick friend):

“Come on Korea! It’s too much. Is SUPER JUNIOR the best singer of the world?” The Internet vote for a singer for the opening ceremony in 2012 Olympics have caused controversy. Because K-pop idol singers have ranked high and taken all positions from the top to the third. Some anti-Korea Japanese netizens accused that “it’s all down to Korean netizen’s votes” and English netizens also tilted their heads saying “K-pop singers are not familiar yet”. The problem is Super Junior, Big Bang and SHINee are the top three ranks leaving world-famous artists such as One Direction or Lady Gaga behind. But netizens’s attitudes around the world looking at this situation aren’t being very nice. Anti Korea Japanese netizens are saying that ” Korean netizens want to show off their existence by internet votes” or “Korea always fabricate(fake) information like that”. In fact, it seems Korean netizen’s votes affects it a lot. There are loads of web pages introducing how to vote for their favourite K-pop singers and how to go on that websites on Twitter & Facebook. A blogger in the UK posted an “BBC top music radio chart” as an evidence saying “what is it, Korea? It’s way too much. There are hardly anyone around me who knows Super Junior, Big Bang or SHINee” . There are no Korean song at all in the Top music chart 40 on the 8th of January.

In our previous posts we have stated again and again that there is no legitimacy to this poll. We have even made the effort to contact both TopTen and the Olympic association to confirm if this poll would indeed have any effect on the Olympic ceremonies.

First off, Top Tens replies saying: “To the best of our knowledge, the rankings on The Top Tens have no bearing on who is selected to perform in the Olympics.”  As in reference to our previous post, Top Tens is basically just a website for people to create polls. It has no connection to the Olympics whatsoever.

We also received a reply from the Olympic association stating: “Thank you for contacting London 2012.  For us to be able to assist please provide us with more details about the poll you have mentioned, including where you have seen it and if there are any links you could send to us.” This reply shows that the Olympic association wasn’t even aware of such a poll, and after visiting their elaborate website, it makes us think, if there was to be an official poll, surely the Olympic website team had more then enough resources to create their own poll.  We have since replied with a link to the Poll, so you never know, the Olympic team MIGHT take notice of the poll later on. But as of NOW, the Poll is officially JUST FOR FUN.

But how do you feel about this article from a Korean Newspaper? First of all we just wanted to say that One Direction are not world famous. But it seems this innocent online poll has caused some ugly drama. The above article stated that some Japanese netizens are questioning the result and accusing Korea of dirty tactics, and it seems they are not the only ones. Many people commented on the article and even Korean netizens are speculating that Idol fan clubs are deleting cookies and re-voting as many times as possible.

But the fact of the matter is that, this Poll is strictly just fun – it has no bearings in who will be selected for the Olympics! This Poll is NOT REAL!!! What this Poll does show is that Kpop idol groups have very supportive fans all over the world! We can assure you that it was not just Korean fans that were voting. In fact, UK fan bases were also working hard to show that they wanted to see their idols at the biggest event of 2012!

Even though we are in the 21st century, many people are still not completely internet savvy. As it goes, a vast majority of people especially in the UK had no knowledge of this Poll. South Korea is one of the most connected countries in the world and a majority of the Kpop fan bases are of the generation that are big internet users, this is solely one of the reasons why Kpop fans have such a online presence, as this is how they were able to discover this genre of music in the first place. So it is no surprise that the Kpop community was able to achieve such a MASSIVE result! The only definite thing that this poll proves is the community spirit of Kpop fans.

But there has been quite a lot of controversy surrounding this innocent little Poll. First came the arguments about whether a Korean group opening the London Olympic was correct, as these opening ceremonies were a chance for the hosting countries to show off their home grown talent. This newspaper article has also caused Koreans to fear a growth in anti-fans, as people were getting annoyed with the popularity of Korea.

We have tried to search for the comment by the UK Blogger mentioned in the above article, but have not had much luck finding the blog to see just what was said. However, it is true that the UK is pretty much still completely unaware of Kpop. There are no Korean artists of any sort in our Top 40, but thats not to say that Korean Artists will be greeted with hostility. The case of the opening ceremony is a bit of a sensitive topic, but the Olympics is something that brings countries from all over the world together to play games. Yes it gets a bit competitive, but at the end of the day it’s about the whole world joining together and we would not object to having artists from any and all parts of the world performing at the 2012 Olympics, held in one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

And for the last time, we would just like to state THE RESULT OF THIS POLL WILL HAVE NO EFFECT ON THE OLYMPIC CEREMONIES!


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