Park Ji-Sung @ Man United

Manchester United are set to play Bolton tomorrow and the pressure is on as Man U and Tottenham are neck and neck on the leader board. We have talked a bit about how their South Korean midfielder Mr Park Ji-Sung became recognised as the talented player he is today in our previous post, so how has Mr Park been doing in one of UK’s top Premiership teams?

During Park’s time at Manchester he has achieved a lot from being the first Asian to play in a final of and win a UEFA Champion League, to being the first Asian captain when he subbed for then Captain Ryan Giggs. He has also been dubbed “three-lungs Park” for the distance he logs in a game; Park Ji-Sung is basically AWESOME.

Park Ji-sung moving to London?

park ji sung footballDuring his time at Man U, Park was also Captaining the National South Korean Team. But throughout Park’s footballing career he had had problems with his knees. It was believed to be aggravated by his constant air time as he flew back and forth between Korea and Europe and so earlier in 2011, Park announced his inevitable resignation from the Korean National Team and International Football. Park also said that it was because he believed it was time to let some new players shine. This is definitely good news for Sir Alex Ferguson and Man U as this means Park can concentrate on the team as during the last season, Park was away for one month to participate in the Asian Cup and on his return, he was out for another month due to a hamstring injury.  Sir Alex Ferguson called this a huge blow to the team, and this is not the first time he has spoken highly of Park. Alex Ferguson is always full of praise for Park whether for his skills or his work outside of football such as charity work.  Last summer after Park retired from international football, he was also offered a two year extension to his contract with Man U with Ferguson stating: “His career at United has been nothing but excellent. He is a tremendous professional. I am sure he will accept the new offer and tie himself down at the club for the next two years.” (From the Guardian.)  So it looks like Park is becoming quite a valuable asset in the Man U Team and Sir Alex Ferguson won’t be letting him go anytime soon!!!

"How do you get your legs to look so toned?"

“How do you get your legs to look so toned?”

So what do people think of Park Ji-Sung? Do we have any avid fans here? Let us know what you think about Park’s footballing career so far! Don’t forget the Man U vs Bolton game is tomorrow at 3pm!

BONUS:  Park Ji-Sung was also recently involved in a little scandal in South Korea.  Check out the Soompi article HERE

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