Kpop Festival in London, June – Messages to MBC


This January, we all found out the news that this June in London, a Kpop festival will take place, hosted by MBC.

MBC festival

Encouraged by the fact that the Olympics are coming to London this summer (thank you Olympics!), MBC has decided to hold a Kpop festival in our capital.

As of yet, there are no concrete facts, but it seem that it will take place on the 2nd and 3rd of June. The times and locations are yet unannounced, and as for who’s performing, the rumours are countless (come on TVXQ!).

Message to MBC FB icon

As the details of what’s to happen at this festival, and who might be performing, are still sketchy and in the planning stage, now seems the opportune time for Kpop fans in the UK to express their opinions. The UK has several big Kpop sites and resources, but now everyone has come together for the purpose of showing MBC the number of people interested in this festival and just what they want to see.

And how can we all show MBC our opinions you ask? A special page on FaceBook, called Messages to MBC for London K-Pop Festival (Jan 2013 update – Facebook page now de-activated), has been created for fans all over the UK to express their opinions via a series of questions.

Messages to MBC
These questions range from who you’d want to see performing, to what official merchandise you’d want to see for sale, to what prices you’d be willing to pay. It’s important that as many UK Kpop fans answer these questions as possible, as this will demonstrate to MBC the huge number of fans here and just what we all want to happen. This is our chance to come together and share our thoughts and opinions!
So go the page and get voting on the questions!! Don’t forget to ‘like’ the page while you’re there!

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