Exhibitions – Muse London ends with live performance by EE

To end the Muse London exhibition, which had been on at the Korean Cultural Centre in London, a last evening of media art from six Korean artists was shown, accompanied by a live performance from one of the artists involved, EE.

For those that didn’t manage to get a chance to visit the Muse London exhibition while it was on, the director of the Korean Cultural Centre UK, Yonggi Won, described Muse London as…..

“concentrating on the developing genre of media art, Muse London brings together six artists who each specialise in this exciting exciting field. Inspired by their lives int he capital, Muse London celebrates the canvas that London offers each and every day. Specifically dveloped on video and film, the artworks deliver very personal stories, depicting an inner world of each artist. This adds to the attraction and excitement of the exhibition whilst also reflecting the overall picture of Korean artists’ practice in London.”

Walking around the exhibition, there were so many interesting, fantastic, and ever so slightly bizarre things to see, that it was hard to know where to start!


The works were all very different and revealed a glimpse into artists’ minds. While looking around, although we may not have understood the relevance behind much of the symbolism used in the works of art, each piece did give of a definite atmosphere, and had its own ‘vibe’, which created various feelings and ideas. There were two ‘hidden’ works of art in the exhibition, and it was extra bits like this in the exhibition which really gave it an edge.


The highlight of the night was the live performance by EE. EE’s art has been described as being…..

“perhaps the closest thing to clichéd expectations of video art from a technologically advanced place like Korea. But is is stranger than that, themes of life, death, birth and carnival abound, the work is macabre and brutish but very much mirros old rock and pop videos and the graphic imagery that they pioneered to illustrate and describe the modern world.”

Although we weren’t sure what on earth was happening for this performance, it was very fun to watch and certainly we won’t see anything like it again! (Did anyone spot Key’s cameo?) If you ever get the chance, make sure to see EE, their performances are thoroughly enjoyable.

Thanks to all the artists that contributed, the works were all highly interesting and we hope they’ll exhibit again in London soon.

EE KCC UK Gif muse


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