4th Feb HMV Flash Mob

We’ve been reporting on the new Kpop section at for quite a while now (our latest outing to HMV revealed that Kpop was now on the ground floor there), and it seems that HMV has enjoyed much success with selling this music genre. Now that HMV knows they have a market for Kpop, they want to let everyone else know about this great section, and what better way to do this than a flash mob!


Korean Class MASSIVE, along with UnitedKpop (who initially suggested to HMV how lucrative Kpop could be) and Hallyu UK have come together to organise an in store flash mob with the permission of the HMV management. This flash mob will be to help promote Kpop to a wider audience, and if successful may even help Kpop begin to be stocked in more HMV shops, and help for fan meets to happen there in the future.

Address: HMV 150 Oxford Street, London, W1D 1DJ (the HMV store is in between Oxford Circus Tube and Tottenham Court Road Tube, not the HMV that’s nearer Marble Arch on Oxford Street)

Date: Saturday 4th February
Time: 1.30pm to meet at the store to prepare, 2.00pm for flash mob to start
Song: Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” (SuJu’s “Super Man” will be played first to signal everyone to get ready)
Dance Tutorial: http://youtu.be/lkBAWRTemLo

How to sign up: Show you want to join in by clicking attend at the Face Book group here

What will happen:
About 20-25 people are needed to dance inside the HMV store to one song which will be “Sorry Sorry”, while other who want to take part can come to join in outside the shop to create a crowd and add to the hype. We’re only doing one song as this will take place in HMV, and we can’t hang around too long. It will have more effect if everyone can dance to one song really well than have more songs that people know part of the dance to. Once everyone had been briefed on what they need to do, before the song will start, “Super Man” will play so people can get into their positions and prepare. The whole of “Sorry Sorry” will be played, so it would be great if those who want to join in the dancing can learn the whole dance – the tutorial should be helpful. The video of “Sorry Sorry” will also be shown on the screen in HMV, and the song will be played over the speakers which should catch everyone’s attention. We’re also expecting some media to attend, so let’s show them what UK Kpop fans can do!

If you have any questions, you can ask on the Face Book event page or email us at koreanclassmassive@gmail.com. We look forward to seeing you there!


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