Siwon’s London Adventure Continues

It seems as though Siwon is still loving the thrill of the chase. Usually when idols and celebrities go on holiday, they go out of their way to keep their anonymity, but not Siwon! Not content with tweeting pictures of landmarks and places he’d gone to in London, he has now revealed where he is staying and for how long. Great for the fans, but such a sensible idea for him…..not so sure on that one.

Siwon London

UK fans over the past week have discovered that Siwon is a bit of a cheeky lad. He has continually tweeted pictures of where he is and asking people to find him, but will have disappeared by the time fans get to his last known location. Is revealing his hotel the latest move in his game to see how many fans will try to find him? Only a lucky few have so far found him, and got their promised kisses (on the hand mind you). But with at least three more days of Siwon in the UK, there’s still plenty of time for his fun cat and mouse game to continue.

We hope that Siwon’s having a great time checking out the sights in London. However we hope he doesn’t tease his fans too much, I’m not sure how much more walking around London ELFs’ legs can take!


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