Jang-gu Performance at UKFC New Malden Meeting

Korean drums LondonKorean Class MASSIVE has been to a couple of London Kpop Lovers nights in New Malden now, but last Wednesday’s party had an extra bonus for all who went. These nights, hosted by United Korean Fan Club at the Han restaurant in New Malden, usually involve free noraebang for two hours (great deal!) then having a good old chat. Introduced this week were some new things. No, I’m not talking about the name tags, but a great jang-gu performance and new DJ!

For those of you who might not know much about this musical instrument (like us before we saw it), the jang-gu (장구) is a traditional hour-glass shaped drum, usually played with the buk (북) which is a barrel drum, a large gong called a jing (징), and a small gong called a kkwaenggwari (꽹과리). When played together, they form a musical genre which is called Samulnori (사물놀이). Samulnori can be broken down into samul, which means “four objects” (사물) and nori, which means “play” (놀이). There’s lots to learn about these traditional instruments, for instance, each one represents a different type of weather (jang-gu = rain, kkwaenggwari = thunder, jing = wind, buk = clouds).

Choi Jeung Hyun kindly came in to give us a jang-gu demonstration after the noraebang session. This was a lively and dramatic performance, which gave everyone there a good introduction to this instrument.

Korean drums London workshopsIt was really great that she could come by and show us all about this traditional instrument, it was a fun performance and very insightful. We’d love to see more from her in the futur

If you’re interested in this music and would like to know more, Choi Jeung Hyun actually has Samulnori workshops, the next one being on the 4th of February at 5pm. To find out more info, please click on the picture to the left, all the relevant details are there.

After the great jang-gu demo, there was another new activity to add to the mix, which was DJ Sho Biggz testing out some of his Kpop remixes. DJ Sho Biggz is a really great up and coming producer and musician, who’s recently arrived in this country. We think he’ll go far – he’s already got some amazing credits to his name! For the next UKFC meeting, Sho Biggz will be sure to be playing some great tracks.


So what kind of things do people want to learn about or see at future UKFC meetings? Anyone got any burning questions or issues they want to raise at the next one?It was another great night in New Malden, and it was good to see some more Korean culture being added into the mix. At future UKFC meetings, there should be a lot more chances to learn about Korean culture, like the jang-gu demo, which we’ll all look forward to.

Source for information about samulnori here


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