Year of the 12 Directors: Lee Myung Se

LKFF January Director 2012

Due to the success of the last ‘London Korean Film Festival‘, the Korean Cultural Centre in London is bringing over a Korean director each month for this year in what’s being called the ‘Year of the 12 Directors’.

Over the past four years, the Korean Cultural Centre has hosted Korean film nights, but have decided to shake up their programme by having four film screenings a month with all the films being from the same director- three at the Korean Cultural Centre’s building, and the last of the month at the Apollo Cinema, Piccadilly. At the last screening of the month, at the Apollo cinema, the director will attend and stay for a Q&A session at the end of the film. This will be a great opportunity for Korean film buffs and fans alike out there to get to see, and even question, some of the leading Korean directors out there.

In total, the 12 directors visiting this year are: Jan – Lee Myung Se, Feb – E J Yong, March – Park Kwang Su, April – Song Il Gon, May – Jeon Kye Soo, June – Lee Jun Ik, July – Lee Hyun Seung, Aug – Lee Yoon Ki, Sept – Jeon Kyu Hwan, Oct – Im Kwon Taek, Nov – Song Hae Song, Dec – Lim Soon Rye.

The first of the directors to come was Lee Myung Se.

Lee Myung Se London

After watching “The Duelist“, it was time for the Q&A session with him. Dr. Daniel Martin introduced the director, and started off asking him questions about his career and style of filming.

After this, questions from the audience about the film, and the director himself, were asked.

The playlist for the full set of questions can be seen here (there are a total of seven parts).

It was great to be able to see the director in the flesh and learn about why he directs the way he does. He seemed like a lovely man and even took the time to do autographs and take photos at the end.

Lee Myung Se London autograph


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