Kpop Academy from the Korean Cultural Centre, London

Kpop Academy from the Korean Cultural Centre, London

With the success of Kpop in the UK booming recently, the Korean Cultural Centre in London has just announced that it will now run a “Kpop Academy”.  And what is a Kpop academy you ask? Let me reveal all for you!

With the Korean Cultural Centre’s Korean lessons having just started, a lot of people were left disappointed that they were unable to get a place on the courses this year. A huge amount of people applied to be on the language course this year, and many of these people who applied happened to be Kpop fans. Recognising that so many Kpop fans were based around London, and wanting to learn about the culture and the language, the Korean Cultural Centre decided to create a special course tailored for such fans.

From the Korean Cultural Centre:

Kpop Academy 2012

This sounds like a great course for Kpop fans who want to extend their knowledge of Korean culture.

Something that is very different from the language course is the application and selection process. Unlike the language course, which was a random selection, this course has a stringent application and selection process.

Details of, and how to apply to the Academy:

Kpop Academy 2012 London

So if you think that this sounds like the thing for you, and are sure you’d be able to attend the full term at the Academy, why not apply!


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