Daytime Drinking – Film Review

Daytime Drinking 1

I first came across Daytime Drinking at the end of the London Korean Film Festival 2011 but had not had the time to watch it until recently. Check out the trailer and see if it’s your kind of film.

The Film:  Daytime Drinking is about a young man, Hyuk-Jin, who has recently broken up with his girlfriend so as a way of distracting  Hyuk-Jin, his friends suggest a trip to Jeongseon where Ki-Sang knows someone with a guest house. Initially opposed to this idea, Hyuk-Jin gradually agrees to it over a night of drinking and drunken promises.

Daytime Drinking 2

The next scene shows Hyuk-Jin waiting at the bus station for his friends. After waiting for a while, he decides to call his friend to find out where everyone is. Having gotten so drunk the night before, Hyuk-Jin’s friends have completely forgotten about their impromptu trip to Jeongseon and are still all fast asleep. Under the promise that his friend will join him in a day or two, Hyuk-Jin decides to travel to the mountains alone, giving himself some time to work through his breakup. After arriving at Jeongseon, Hyuk-Jin gets a call from the owner of the guest house asking if he wanted a ride, declining so that he could have a look around, Hyuk-Jin gets directions instead. After a while looking around, Hyuk-Jin decides its time to head to the guest house. Following the directions, Hyuk-Jin winds up in the middle of the mountains at a mountain resort where he meets a young woman and her friend.

Daytime Drinking 3

A few days pass and still no sign of his friends so Hyuk-Jin calls Ki-Sang again to find out what’s holding him up. “Something came up at work, two more days tops then I can come down. But you should go to the town while waiting for us. It’s famous for eating ramyun and Soju on the beach”. With a promise of something good, Hyuk-Jin heads to the seaside town where he bumps into the girl and her friend again. They spend the better part of the day drinking and having a good time, everything is going good. Until he wakes up the next day wareing only his underwear, a shirt, a jumper and shoes in the middle of a mountain side highway, in the middle of Winter.

Daytime Drinking 4

No one is stopping for a hitchhiker with no pants, so Hyuk-Jin is forced to walk until a passer by finally picks him up and offers him a spare pair of trousers. Grateful for the kindness of this stranger Hyuk-Jin explains what happened to him and agrees to spend the night at his house so he can get a ride to the station in the morning.

Daytime Drinking 5

Ki-Sang drives through the night to get to Hyuk-Jin’s location after receiving a frantic phonecall from a pay-phone the same night. Hyuk-Jin finding himself pantless once again tells Ki-Sang, when he arrives, everything that happened to him and vents why his luck has been so bad. While listening to everything, Ki-Sang takes them to his friends guest house in town. Where more drinking is done and secrets are revealed.

My Opinion:  Daytime Drinking is not a film that I would usually watch, however I am glad that I took the time out to watch it. It starts off a little boring to be honest but as time passes you start to appreciate the difficulties that Hyuk-Jin faces throughout the film. It just goes to show that anything can happen and not to take things for face value.  You are not left wondering why this film is called Daytime Drinking either, within the time frame of this film (5/6 days) there is not one day, or even half a day that he is not drinking some kind of alcohol. We at Korean Class MASSIVE gives Daytime Drinking a…

Good star


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