HMV Kpop Flash Mob

London HMV Kpop Flashmob 1

The HMV Flash Mob to promote Kpop at HMV (which we first told you about here) took place last Saturday, much to the confusion of many people who were casually browsing the isles. Despite a bit of a panic earlier on in the morning if anyone would end up turning up, we were all really pleased how the day turned out.

The Flash Mob also gave us at Korean Class MASSIVE a chance to finally meet the other people we’d been planning the day with. It was great to meet up with Hallyu UK and some of the people from UnitedKpop!

Korean Class MASSIVE got to HMV quite early on to check how things were looking. After having a chat with Paul, the manager of the HMV, there was a slight crisis with the music, but luckily an ipod playlist sorted that little glitch out!

The dancers arrived from their practice in Hyde Park and went to mingle with the other customers, so people wouldn’t wonder why there was a small crowd hanging out and looking a bit shifty by the Kpop area.

Dancers prepare as people are still obviously shopping in the chosen aisles. Unsubtle Kpop crowd is unsubtle :P When it got nearer the time for the flash mob to start, we were trying to spot who had come to watch the flash mob. This resulted in some rather awkward going up to people and in hushed tones asking if they were here for the Kpop, to which there were some very confused faces. Once a small crowd had gathered, we went round chatting to some of the people who’d turned up and tried to make people feel welcome through the universal language of chocolate.

The time finally came for the flash mob to begin. Super Junior’s “Super Man” was played to signal everyone to get into place.

After “Super Man”, “Sorry Sorry” came on, and the fun began!

Check out the confused man near the beginning of the video, poor man has no idea what’s going on!

London HMV Kpop Flashmob 4

The reaction to the flashmob was crazy! Although unsubtle crowd was unsubtle, many oblivious HMV shoppers were taken by surprise and quite a few stopped to ask what was going on, are they famous? But most importantly, many went “hmmm, thats a catchy tune, who is that?”. Flashmob success!

London HMV Kpop Flashmob 7The dancers did a really great job, and we want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for coming. Without the dancers, we wouldn’t have been able to do anything. You all really did a great job. After the flash mob, Paul, the manager at HMV, gave the dancers a reward for their hard work. Well deserved, guys! Also, a big thank you to everyone who turned up to watch!! We hope you enjoyed coming along and really appreciate the support you all gave us.

We also had a chance to have a quick chat with manager Paul about how he thought the day went and about Kpop at HMV.

Korean Class MASSIVE had a really fun day, and enjoyed organising the event with Hallyu UK and UnitedKpop. It was also great meeting all the other Kpop enthusiasts that turned up. Thanks again to everyone who came and helped to make the day a success!


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