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Whether you love it or hate it 발렌타인 일 or Valentines Day to you and me, is just around the corner and ready to pounce. In fact, all the shops have been hounding us with images of red hearts and chubby flying babies since Christmas finished and they are really pushing the heart shaped boxes of chocolates and teddy bears so that they can start shelving all the Easter eggs…

So what’s the norm for our friends on the other side of the world on this commercial holiday? Well, to all the female readers, you might want to hide this from all your guys in your life. 14th February is Red Day and girls are supposed to give out chocolates to all the men in their lives as Wiki has wonderfully put it: as an expression of love, courtesy or social obligation. Normal male friends get standard supermarket chocolates, but extra effort is put into the chocolates for your crush/partner. It’s very common in Asia to even make your own chocolate candy as seen here by GaIn.

WGM Jokwon Gain

In fact, hand made chocolates are preferred because it feels extra special and unique, as if he is your “only one”. So whilst all the guys in the rest of the world are running around like headless chickens trying to find roses, the perfect gift and booking restaurants months in advance, the guys of South Korea are chilling out and pigging out on delicious hand made chocolates.

But hold your horse drawn carriages guys. Life’s not THAT easy for your South Korean brothers. Girls have to go through a treacherous month of waiting before they can see if the guy will reply to their gesture of love and this happens on White day which falls on 14th March. On White Day, guys are suppose to return the favour to the girls who gave them chocolates, and for the ones they fancy they have to go that extra mile, yes, we’ll be expecting something a bit more expensive then hand made chocolates guys.

GaIn is not impressed with her drawn on couple ring...

GaIn is not impressed with her drawn on couple ring…

And whilst this is all happening, other less lucky ones are preparing for Black Day on April 14th where all the single and unsuccessful get together to eat jajangmyeon (noodles with black bean sauce) and celebrate their singledom or cry into their noodles in bitter loneliness…

The Korean Couple way ❤ GaIn and JoKwon model the Couple hoody

The Korean Couple way ❤ GaIn and JoKwon model the Couple hoody

So which colour day will you be celebrating this year? And that’s not it. Koreans are well known for their couple rings and couple tees etc as demonstrated by our fave “We Got Married” couple GaIn and JoKwon. Korean couples just love being coupley and many other holidays have been created as explained here by Ben Gwynne from the blog I Live in Korea

April 14th – Black Day, where all the losers who got no love on Valentine’s Day dress in black to wallow in their self pity and enjoy each others’ miserable company. ~ The more pessimistic emo view of Black day
❥ May 14th – Rose Day, couples are supposed to give each other roses.
June 14th – Kiss Day, couples kiss each other to confirm there love. All kisses on other days throughout the year are hereby insignificant?
July 14th – Silver Day, couples exchange silver jewelry, usually rings, to confirm their love ~ Couple rings!
August 14th – Green Day, a mockery of the debauchery which occurs on St. Patrick’s Day. Couples wear green. Lot’s of Soju is sold today because it comes in green bottles. No Irish people are around disgracing themselves. Very sad. ~ A very different sort of Green day in South Korea…
September 14th – Photo/Music Day, couples give each other CDs to confirm their love. They also take pictures with each other and go out to the Noraebang’s (singing/karaoke rooms). What bull, Koreans do this every weekend. ~ Well any excuse to sing and take photos is a good thing in South Korea
October 14th – Wine Day, couples drink wine together. ~ Just in case the wine industry was getting annoyed that the Chocolate industry was reaping all the benefits!
November 14th – Movie Day, couples see a movie together. Is this getting repetitive? The Cinema industry seem to be getting in on this too…
December 14th – Hug Day, couples hug each other then break up. Actually they just hug each other to express their love and show that they are providing warmth to each other as the cold winter approaches. ~ With Christmas round the corner and all the days that have gone by, we’re sure that South Korean couples are just lacking money by this point…
January 14th – Diary Day, couples give each other diary’s so they can write about all the boring holiday experiences they have in the year ahead. ~ We should have known from Black Day that Ben does not seem like the lovey dovey coupley kinda guy… :P
Credit for text in italic goes to Ben Gwynne

The Korean Couple way ❤ Couple umbrella!!!

The Korean Couple way ❤ Couple umbrella!!!

So who plans to do Valentines the South Korean way this year?! Don’t forget, Valentine’s is not just for Valentine’s day in South Korea, it’s a full year’s commitment!!! Of course, like the UK, not everyone actually takes this holiday seriously, the above days are UNOFFICIAL and totally commercial just like Peppero day. But either way  the Korean Class MASSIVE blog team would like to wish everyone a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! No matter whom you are spending it with!!! And we would like to thank you all for the Love we have received!!!

❤❤❤사랑해!!! ❤❤❤

~ From the Korean Class MASSIVE ❤☺☺☺


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