LoKo London Kpop Dance Workshop (February)

Loko Kpop Dance Feb 2012 1

You may remember we reported on the LoKo crew and went to their Kpop workshop that happened last December. Well, we didn’t get enough of them last time, so headed off to the first LoKo workshop of the year to get our boogie on!

Unlike the last LoKo workshop we went to, where we didn’t dance and just reported, this time it was time to get involved! This workshop was run from 10am-5pm and cost £10, I think we can all agree this is an amazing deal. As usual, the LoKo team were welcoming and really friendly the whole day, and even met everyone at the tube stop near the studio so everyone knew where to go. The dance studio booked for that day was really spacious and the sound system was great, you could hear each beat of the songs, which really got you in the mood for dancing.Before we could start learning the routines, the first step of the day was to do the warm up. The LoKo team certainly warmed us up well, as this was probably the most continually strenuous part of the day. Or maybe it was it seemed to be so exhausting as I’m woefully unfit! After the warm up, we were all ready to get down to business and pretend to be idols in training for the day!The first routine of the day was 2PM’s ‘Heartbeat’ being taught by Isabelle. Here’s how it’s meant to look for those who don’t know this song.

For me this was the most fun routine to learn. I think it was the whole ‘zombie’ style of the dance, was really enjoyable to learn. Isabelle’s teaching style was really thorough and the pace was set so that everyone could keep up. After learning each part, the group was split so each half of the class danced the routine themselves so the teachers could see how everyone was doing.

Loko Kpop Dance Feb 2012 2

Next up was SHINee’s ‘Hello’ to learn. This song is deceptively difficult to learn. How do you make it look so easy SHINee!!

Even though some bits of the routine were beyond my limited dancing capacity, it was still really fun to do, especially the little ‘driving shuffle’ move (Seen at 0:54, and yes, I did come up with that amazing name myself). Tammy was teaching this one, and she also did a really good job of helping us learn this routine. Everyone was given a chance to speak up if there was something they didn’t understand and there were plenty of breaks so people had chances to rest.

Loko Kpop Dance Feb 2012 3

The last routine was 2NE1’s ‘Fire’ being taught by Deanna.

Big up to the one boy who came to the workshop and totally worked all the sexy lady moves! Good going! This is another fun routine to learn and again the teaching was really good. Some of this routine involved quite a bit of balancing on one leg, and there were a few occasions where I thought I’d topple over. Luckily, I managed not to embarrass myself too much.

Loko Kpop Dance Feb 2012 4

Everyone had a really great day, and I’d urge you all to go to their next workshop. Don’t be shy if you feel like you wouldn’t be able to keep up or be able to learn the routine, if I can survive the day, so can you! The teachers are all really nice, and are constantly asking if everyone’s doing OK, and asking if anyone needs any extra help. If you want to learn some Kpop routines, then these guys are the ones to go to. Their next workshop should be in early March, so be sure to keep checking here so you don’t miss out!!

Loko Kpop Dance Feb 2012 5

Thanks to the teachers for putting on such a great day, and look forward to next time!  Make sure you check out our Facebook page for more photos from the day!


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