London Anime Con J/K Pop Party

London Animecon

On Saturday night, the MASSIVE got their dancing shoes on and headed to the London Anime Con for the mini J/K Pop party. We were promised a 2 hour set of an equal share of Japanese and Korean pop. There were some technical difficulties at first and the clubbing event began with just JPop being played. But after help from a very beautiful Kpop fan and lots of techy stuff by the crew, us Kpop fans got what we came for, a FULL SOLID HOUR of the stuff!!!

London Kpop Party Feb 1Thank you amazing team!

Having helped compile the playlist, a lot of our favourite tracks got played. The first song was Fiction which got everyone in the mood although it did not get people onto the dance floor (we blame the complicated footwork). But before the 1st verse of the next song even started, a hoard of fan girls and very mostly fanboys magically appear on the dance floor. Who could possess such power in the Kpop industry other then Kpop princess’ SNSD! (The clue was in the fan boys bit).

London Kpop Party Feb 2From this…

London Kpop Party Feb 3To this!  The power of SNSD

We were also treated to a wonderful performance by the sisters of Ukraine dance cover group Girls on Top starring our very good friend Olesia and her sister Anna! They danced to a remix of 2011 top hits from girlbands 2NE1, Miss A, SNSD and the Wondergirls. Look out for a video coming soon!!!

For more information about what the London Anime Con is all about make sure you check out their webpage found HERE. Along with Girls on Top’s performance there were also a few other dance performances by dance groups just as Dot Dot 3 who performs both Jpop and Kpop dance covers! With the super awesome success of the Kpop section of the night, we hope that the team at London Anime Con will make this a regular part of their events and maybe even expand on it! We’ll be sure to help them spread the word and get more Kpop fans to attend next time and make the event even bigger and better. WATCH THIS SPACE!


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