A New Space Around the Body (1st – 28th February 2012)

KCC UK Art Fashion Exhibition

The Korean Cultural Centre‘s latest exhibition, “A New Space Around the Body: Emerging Korean Fashion Designers” is running from the 1st of this month until the 28th, and showcases pieces from upcoming Korean fashion designers whose works are “characterised by humour, hypothetical worlds and highly sculptural creations”.

This exhibition is being curated by Ji Hye Hong and Sofia Hedman, and is also part of the inaugural International Fashion Showcase (where “19 embassies and cultural institutes across London will open their doors and display the work of over 80 international emerging designers”).

As for who’s exhibiting, Ara JoJuhee HanKathleen KyeMinky Jaemin HaMinju Kim, Unbounded AWE by LaykuniYoolhee Ko and Yeashin Kim have all entered unique and interesting works.

The Korean Cultural Centre provides information about these exhibiting artists:

“All are graduates from the prestigious fashion departments of the Royal Academy of Fine Art, Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten in Antwerp, Central Saint Martin’s and the London Collage of Fashion. In a short space of time these designers have already had high profile collaborations with figures such as Lady Gaga along with features in Vogue, ELLE, Dazed and Confused and ID magazine.” Information from KCCUK 

If you go to this exhibition, make sure to have a look at the jangseung/장승 style wood carvings dotted around the exhibition. Very cute in their own way!

These carvings were next to the different works of art by the artists, with their names carved on. Warding off evil spirits at the KCC?

Looking at the different fashions, you can really see that amount of detail that’s been put into each piece. Some of the pieces have even become famous. For instance, the piece above, designed by Ara Jo, has been seen on the likes of Lady Gaga!

Ara Jo’s designs aren’t the only ones that have been on the body of famous people. Kathleen Kye‘s designs, like the fist-jacket below, have been worn by people such as SHINee and 4Minute’s HyunA.

A New Space Around the Body (1st - 28th February 2012)

It’s not just clothes that are being shown at this exhibition. There was an amazing jewellery collection from the experimental designer Yoolhee Ko. These were really interesting pieces, simultaneously looking both futuristic and natural.

Edgy fashion! Not sure I could get away with walking down the street in such designs, but they’re great to take a look at.

This is a great exhibition for fashion and art lovers alike. Going round the exhibition, you can really get a feel of the different styles and influences that each designer is trying to express through their fashion. No two artists’ creations and styles are alike, and the variety of designs means that you’ll find you can keep yourself occupied looking around for ages. Some of the exhibiting artists are already hitting the big times with their works, so this is a good chance for you to see some of their designs up close.


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