HMV expanding Kpop

HMV Kpop motherloadContinuing on from our previous post about the importance of making sure we all purchase our music legally,  HMV, the UK’s first major retailer of Kpop music merchandise, has decided to expand their Kpop collection!!!

As tweeted by Mr. Ahjussi fan:

HMV expanding Kpop

Looks like the Flashmob really worked and have seriously impressed the big bosses at HMV! So get your tweets on and get suggesting! So far the MASSIVE have suggested MBLAQ (of course!), U-Kiss and more SHINee – there has been many releases since SHINee world! Keep up HMV! And also for all the Ahjusshi’s out there, IU, Rainbow, f(x) have all been suggested. What else would you guys like to see available at HMV? So far we have seen HMV stock quite a few artists from the constantly sold out Super Junior, to the less expected Girl’s Day.

All these efforts by HMV are great for us and the Hallyu wave. As Kpop becomes more available and visible in the UK public, hopefully executives will start taking notice of the opportunities to be had in the UK!

But again, your continual support is needed ~ Please do not illegally download!

If you want HMV to expand their Kpop collection nationwide then get buying! They need to see evidence of how successful the range will be! And come on, who wouldn’t want to have such awesome additions in their music collections?

HMV expanding Kpop

Koreans and their elaborate packaging.


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