Blond Ambition

How many ears do bunnies have?! :D

Blond Ambition Kpop BAP

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s something silly to help start your weekend! We are well into the new year of the Dragon now but let us go back to 2011, the year of the Golden Bunny. Last year saw a lot of idols in Kpopdom go blond. Coincidence? We think not. And now EPIC new group B.A.P (Best. Absolute. Perfect.) seems adamant to continue the golden streak into 2012…

Blond BAP + Bunny = Golden Bunny :P

There used to be a time when blond Asians conjured up images of badly bleached blond (borderline ginger) guys inspired by old school Hong Kong triad movies such as ‘Young’ and ‘Dangerous’. It was a crazy time, a crazy era of very bad dye jobs. I am even ashamed to reveal that one of our fathers went down the bleach blond route. It was scary.  And after trawling the internet for some photos to show you younger generation, it seems that all evidence of this embarrassing era has been destroyed.

But now that the idols of South Korea have claimed this style, the blond Asian has become a sign of hotness.  Not everyone can pull of being blond, but when done right, it’s the hottest thing ever. (We at the MASSIVE do not have a thing for blonds we swear!)

So lets see a few of our favourite Blonds of 2011:

Blond Ambition

Jay Park, Euhyuk, Lee Joon, T.O.P, CL, Nana, GD, Sunny, Taemin, Key

But last year was the not first sighting of blond Kpop idols, here are a few of the original brave ones who did it right and made blond cool. Honorary blond students from the past:




But one Kpop royalty seems to be letting the blond camp down.  With a shade dangerously close to strawberry blond, DBSK’s Yunho is just millimeters away from falling into the scary era of the badly bleached triad wannabe…

Why Yunho why?!

So who’s your favourite blond Kpop idol?  Has anyone else tried to go blond? More importantly, all those from the crazy “Sun In” days, why did you destroy all the photos?!? :P Don’t forget to check out all blond in B.A.P’s debut single:

Photo Credits to: Jay Park UK (join now!) tumblrnaverNewsen, and TV daily


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