Preview: SASAPARI:4482 2012

4482 2012 Korean London Art ExhibitionReturning for its 5th year, 4482 [SASAPARI] returns and promises to showcase some of the best and most innovative Korean graduate artists in the UK at the moment.

4482 2012 Korean London Art Exhibition 2About 4482 SASAPARI:

What started with ten Korean artists exhibiting in ‘The Open’, New Malden, 2007 has transformed into 4482 Sasapari , Barge House, Oxo Tower, and has consequently become the largest ever showcase of contemporary Korean artists in the UK.

4482 stands for the combination of the UK and the Korean international dialing codes. For 4482 artists, this is not just a set of numbers but a formula that represents a cross cultural dialogue. Specifically, these artists who were raised and educated in Korea, came to the UK for further education, and their practice now reflects the result of two cultures interacting.

This exhibition has now become a significant cultural movement, one of contemporary Korean artists delivering the spirit of ‘Yuhakseng’ to a wider British and European audience. This is mirrored in the curatorial process, which stays true to Korean cultural identity by closely involving all of the fifty three artists.

With its ever-changing members, year upon year this show is handing over opportunities to new talent amongst recent graduates. 4482 will be a consistent art movement amongst young Korean artists in the UK, building a foundation for future Yuhakseng generations and bringing fresh vibrancy to London’s art scene.

For more information about this year’s exhibition click on the image:

4482 2012 Korean London Art Exhibition 4

Reading about the different artists that will be showcasing their work at this exhibition, it appears that this year’s SASPARI will be another great one. If you look at the backgrounds of the artists who are exhibiting this year, you can see that they all have impressive histories, with many of them having exhibited in many different countries and galleries already. Having such a wide spectrum of artists in attendance is sure to mean that there will be an amazing variety of works to see. The works this year have also been split into 5 categories: Subjectivity, Objects, Site, Time and Method. We cant wait to see how this will effect the set up and organisation of the exhibition, but it all sounds very intriguing! As this exhibition is free, is there any excuse to miss it?! As it’s on from the 22nd-26th of this month, there’s only a short window of opportunity to go don’t forget to go!


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