HMV Feb update

HMV Feb update

Since the HMV Flashmob which resulted in a number of Kpop albums being sold out in store at HMV Oxford Circus, there has been a restock!!! Mr HMV has recently tweeted that they were looking to expand in March and asked for suggestions of any new artists he should invest in (make sure you follow Mr HMV @pauljn77hmv).  Quite a few bands were suggested and seeing as we know Mr HMV is a bit of a Ahjusshi fan, a number of female idols/groups were suggested such as Rainbow, IU and F(x), as well as some MBLAQ and more Shinee albums.  But it seems that Mr HMV already had some tricks up his sleeve as during our latest visit to HMV we spotted F(x)’s latest album and indeed more SHINee albums!!!

HMV Feb update

We then went downstairs to the main World music section (yes Kpop is both Ground floor and Lower Ground floor!) and found a few more new artists added to the collection:

HMV Feb update

Yes we know G Dragon has been there for quite some time but we just love that album!!! Anyways, new additions include 2pm, F(x) Pinocchio and FT island whom we’re still waiting to hear from in the UK :( The HMV collection is really growing!!! And to think this collection only started a couple of months ago with a few Infinite, 2NE1 and Davichi CDs!!!  HMV also has a lot of the latest releases such as Lucky Guy, Sixth sense and also Trax’s new album Blind that was only released in Nov.

HMV Feb update

So make sure you keep an eye on HMV’s ever growing collection!!! And last but not least we leave you with some exciting news about some hot blonds!!!

HMV Feb update


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