Pancake Day, Korean style!

Cook Food Korean pancake PajeonI’m sure we all know it’s Pancake Day tomorrow, but instead of the traditional English staple of pancakes with lemon and sugar, why not try to mix it up a little this year, and try out some Korean pancakes! This Shrove Tuesday, make it not Pancake Day, but Jeon/전 and Hotteok/호떡 Day! We promise that you won’t regret it, and will have some delicious savoury and sweet snacks to share around your family and friends.

For Korean food lovers, no doubt you’ll have come across both jeon, in it’s many forms, and hotteok before. For those that aren’t so familiar, let me give you the low down.

You can order many different kinds of jeon at any Korean restaurant around London, they’re a menu staple . We particularly like the kimchijeon at Assa, yum!! You can also try making these yourselves, they’re not too difficult and will be fun to make and sure to be a hit!

Let’s start with jeon/전. At its most basic, this is a batter (eggs, flour, water), which is then pan fried and often eaten as an appetiser. A whole different variety of ingredients can be added to this basic batter depending on your tastes. One of the most commonly seen additions is green onions, which makes pajeon/파전. Haemuljeon/해물전 is also another popular style, where seafood, like shrimp, octopus or shellfish is added. A common meat jeon is yukjeon/육전, which is where shredded beef is added to the batter. One of our favourites is kimchijeon/김치전, which is made with, yes, you guessed it, kimchi! There are also sweet takes on the jeon, such as hwajeon/화전, which is made with edible flowers!

 Let Maangchi show you how to make them with this step by step video

Cook Food Korean hotteokThe other type of Korean pancake is the hotteok/호떡, which is made from a dough and filled with a sweet mixture, usually made from honey, brown sugar and cinnamon. This is a popular street food snack and most commonly eaten during the colder months (though it’s so tasty, any time of year is good for me!).

I haven’t been able to see this in Korean restaurants in London, so please give us a shout out if you know where we can find this! Again, this isn’t too difficult to make, though does require some effort.

Maangchi can teach you how to make this too

So give these great foods a go, and tell us all what you think! Will you eat them at a restaurant or try making them yourselves? Enjoy your Korean-style Pancake Day tomorrow!

Images Sources:, trifood


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