Text Book Give Away

Korean Lessons at the Sejong InstituteThe Sejong course has been going for about a month now, how are all the new successful applicants finding it? For us its been an intense few weeks, lots of homework done! We are now in intermediate classes, and we have a new Korean teacher and a new text book. We hope new and old students alike are all enjoying the class!

But for those unlucky ones who didn’t get a place in the course,  never fear, the MASSIVE are here! The wonderful Romeo from The East has given us a few text books to give away to help all those who are home schooling themselves in Korean.

We have four copies of The National Institute of the Korean Language: Reading Korean for Beginners and two copies of The National Institute of the Korean Language: Speaking Korean for Beginners to give away. 

Please note: Although these books are for beginners, we must state that these text books require you to have some previous knowledge of Korean, especially the ability to read Hangul. These books will not be good for complete beginners as there is quite a lot of assumed knowledge in vocab and grammar, even from the start. We will give away one book per prize, so that means there will be six winners. When entering, please tell us whether you’d prefer a speaking or reading and we will try to accommodate you, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get the book you asked for. We’re sorry to say that this will be a UK only give away, as postage and packing will be too much otherwise.


Closer look at the Speaking book –

Closer look at the Reading book –

We want these text books to go to good homes and to fulfil their life purposes, so please only apply if you are genuinely willing to put in the effort to learn! To apply, please see details at the end of the post.In the mean time watch this space for future application dates for the Sejong Institute. Please do tell us about your experiences so far, or if you have any questions let us know! We’ll be happy to provide any help if we can.

2 weeks worth of Homework = 11 Pages, FRONT AND BACK!!! O_O

2 weeks worth of Homework = 11 Pages, FRONT AND BACK!!! O_O

How to apply:

What to do – To enter, please email us at koreanclassmassive@gmail.com saying which book, speaking or reading you’d like to get (we’ll try our best to let winners have the book they want, but we can’t promise they will). Then tell us why you want to learn Korean and how a text book would help you. Also mention previous experiences with Korean language such as, can you read hangeul, how did you learn, what resources have you used etc. Please include your name! There’s no word limit (don’t feel like you need to write a whole essay either!), just try to express to us how much a text book would help you.

What will happen – We will pick six winners based on the email they send. We will be looking at how genuine we think their willingness to learn Korean is and how much a book would benefit them. We will then look at what book they wanted and try to accommodate this. As we have more Reading than Speaking books, those who win and wanted Speaking may not be able to get one.

 Deadline – We will close this competition on Monday 5th March, 11pm. Winners will be announced shortly after.
Restrictions – This is a UK only give away, sorry.

Lastly we would like to thank Romeo at The East for providing us with such amazing swag to give away! The East is a charitable organisation that works hard to promote Korean and Japanese culture in the UK. Make sure you check out their website www.theeast.org for more fun events including the ever popular London United Korean Friendship event at New Malden that happens fortnightly.


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