M-Live’s Stand Up tour

fnc ft cn

 The FNC Family in Osaka with their Golden Disc Awards last month

You may or may not remember our post from November when it was announced that FT Island and CN Blue were looking to expand into Europe (UK and France in particular) in 2012. Now that 2012 is upon us, FT Island and CN Blue are preparing for their LA gig in 2 weeks time. This LA gig is the first date on their ‘Stand Up’ tour and was brought to us by M-live, created by CJ E&M. We have spoken about CJ E&M before and M-live which is a “branded concert” project, where CJ E&M help Korean artists promote and engage into the international market. The Manager Ahn Seck Jun even left us with a little teaser: “we plan to introduce not only idol bands but also various genre bands to Europe and other countries”.

Although so far, no European activities have been officially confirmed and announced, the fact that the FNC Family will be playing over in America means that they are getting close! FNC themselves have said that they have wanted to expand into the UK, the home of the bands, so it’s only a matter of time before they reach us!!! *Fingers crossed*

ft island cn blue fnc

Thanks to the amazing people at Koreaboo, we have also found out that M-Live have partnered up with Asiana Airlines as their “Official Carrier”. Which means two things for us UK Fans. M-live can easily get plane tickets to send idols over to us and they will all be arriving into Terminal 1 :P Quote from Koreaboo: “CJ E&M expressed their hopes that through the partnership, M-Live will be able to bring even more global concerts this year to fans.” YES! To find out more about this partner ship make sure you read Koreaboo’s article!

We are constantly on the look out for more information and will hopefully be able to share good news with you guys soon!!! And in the mean time, lets all practice our emotional reached out wavings for when we greet them with a HELLO HELLO!

ft island fnc

We would also like to point out that another tour currently under the M-Live belt is 2PM’s ‘Hands Up’ tour. There has been absolutely NO OFFICIAL information about this and is purely the speculations of Korean Class MASSIVE, but it would be the logical move, especially after the MASSIVE reception 2PM received in Paris, if they came to the UK. It makes perfect sense! So come on M-Live!

In the mean time, make sure you check out C J E&M’s youtube channel and Koreaboo for all the latest in Kpop world!!!

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