Learning Dirty Korean

Warning: WILL contain explicit language!!!

Dirty Korean Language book 1

We here at the MASSIVE are good students. We attend classes, we do (most) of our homework and work hard in lessons (from the back row). Being good students we are always searching for more knowledge, new phrases to pick up, ways to gain a deeper insight into Korean. Which is why we got this book:

If you are under 18 please DO NOT hit the jump!!!
This brilliant little book will teach you everyday slang from Imma! (hey!), Bangu nuga ggyeosseo? (who farted) to .. chyeodo doe? Can I spank your…? =O

Now you know how to Yo mamma in Korean

Now you know how to Yo mamma in Korean

We have to say that this book is hilarious. It contains everything you will need to sound like a hip and happening south Korean, girlfriend Mul bbajin cheongbaineun bintiji lookiya (white washed jeans are so vintage).

In the introduction of this great little book there’s also a quick tutorial of how to read Korean which we found super helpful!!! But don’t worry, all phrases are written out in hangul and romanised with some great examples to help you make sure you’re pronouncing it right.

Another thing we loved about this book was that it didn’t just contain phrases, it also explained a bit about the phrases and also a bit about contemporary Korean culture and etiquette.  This is more then just a phrase book, think of it more as a young fun guide to South Korea.

Dirty Korean Language book 4

There’s a section on drinking games: Ya, yoghurt soju hanbyung duh cikyuh! Na a-jig jungsin maljjanghae. (order me another yoghurt soju – I haven’t passed out yet!), places to party in South Korea including famous districts (Apgujeong is apparently the beverly hills of Korea) and even stuff about family connections with some rather questionable sample convos inspired by the Olsen twins…

Overall we at the MASSIVE love this book and will be trying to memorise as many phrases as possible to casually drop into convos and look like a boss. We also hope that our wonderful classmate Declan is using this parting gift to the max whilst he’s out teaching English in Korea.

Dirty Korean Language book 5

We must warn that this book is strictly adults only. There are phrases in here that made us blush and made even the more mature unni amongst us burst into fits of immature giggle (ok we were never that mature). There are some questionable phrases in here and dialogue for ALL kinds of situation and we mean ALL. Should you need to do some yokseol (smack talk) or erm… Need help following instructions during sexy time… Cheoncheonhi (slower) one of the many phrases forever ruined for us *immature giggles*. This book has it ALL.

Albeit the humour can be quite Satirical, but it should be nothing for us British folk. And don’t worry, its not all about sex, booze and rock and roll. There are many chapters such as Sporty Korean, great for when the Olympics finally come round. And some useful little tips like the crazy culture of (ᄏᄏ, ᄒᄒ, ᅲ.ᅲ). In general this book is good for all your every day casual chats. We’ve also just discovered a food section! Note to self: Sundae is pig-intestine noodle, not the ice cream.

Daebak StarWe give this hilarious little book a AWESOME. But remember kids, stay in school and don’t do drugs!!!! You can get this book from British retailers Waterstones in ebook version here or you can purchase a hard copy from online book giants amazon :) Amazon link here.  At around £5-£7, its an absolute bargain and a excellent gift for anyone thinking of travelling to Korea soon!!!

But if you are looking to learn some clean Korean, don’t forget to join our Korean Text book giveaway!!! You will get the chance to win a text book to help with either your reading or your speaking so enter soon!!! Deadline is 5th March 2012!

Korean Textbooks

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