Big Bang Albums

Big Bang Albums

With BigBang’s latest comeback, I bet we are all just dying to get those new tunes on our iPods and mp3 players.  But before you all go crazy, we would just like to stress the importance (again) about making sure you purchase music legally.  It can be hard for us oversea fans but these days there are many websites that can help you get your Big Bang goodies.  As mentioned before in our previous post, it is important to purchase music not just to make sure that music execs get their monies, but so that they can see the popularity of their products overseas.

And TBH, who wouldn’t want to own an awesome hard copy of their favourite Kpop album? Here we take a look at Big Bang’s last album and the amazing effort Kpop companies put into their packaging.

This album is constructed like a CD drive, you tap the disc tray and the CD miraculously pops out. Simple but effective.  Although I’m not sure why it says Big Bang upside down, I kind of have a paranoid feeling that I got a dud one… The book is encased in the top behind a very posh looking piece of glass (which actually turns out to be plastic so its safe yo).

Now be brave and pop it out, don’t be a chicken like me (I kept the book behind the glass for a month because I couldn’t/too scared to forcefully remove the glass. True story).

Big Bang Albums

Tadah! You get a very cool little booklet, a leaflet and most albums nowadays give you a little photo card. Unfortunately this one is not signed but I believe Superjunior albums normally contain a autographed photo card.  As you can see I got the Maknae Seungri.  Anyone want to swap for a TOP or GD? :P Now whats inside this thick little booklet?  No flimsy folded up CD sleeve for us!!!

Big Bang Albums

There are LOTS of beautiful photos of our favourite idols including some amazing sketches.  A LOT of effort were put into the production of these little booklets with a lot of information about the song and thank yous.  Remember back in the day when CD sleeves would just contain lyrics? Because Kpop is very much about the image as well as the songs, expect a lot of photos!!! These albums are literally a feast for the ears and the eyes for all fans!!!

BIgbang alive album

So who wouldn’t want such a snazzy work of art to adorn their music collection? Since Kpop our CD shelve is looking a lot more impressive. So please, all Kpop fans especially VIPs, make sure you purchase the album and don’t be a knock-off Nigel!!! Support Big Bang and the Hallyu wave!

Big Bang’s latest album will be released on 29 February and should be available from online stores such as Yesasia from 2 March 2012.  So which version do you plan to get?

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