Korea in Chinatown

During a recent trip down to London Chinatown to stock up on our usual Ramyun, we found that the new(ish) refurbished Loon Fung Supermarket on the main street of Chinatown had their very own Korean section :D

First of all, Korea had their very own wall of noodles!!! Stacked with all kinds of Korean instant noodles with boxes and boxes and boxes of the infamous Shin Ramyun in pot and normal instant noodle form.  All your noodle needs are taken care of!

Korea in ChinatownAnd then in the corner of the condiments sections, there’s 3 little shelves filled with Korean products including the much loved CHOCO PIE!!!

Of course London Chinatown has always sold many Korean products from Pepero to Kimchi, but Loon Fung Supermarket has taken that step further in helpfulness and has labeled and divided products into specific sections for the ease of the customer :) So next time you are in London Chinatown, make sure you check out whats on sale :)

Loon Fung Supermarket:
42-44 Gerrard Street
London, W1D 5QG
They also have their very own website
image from google

image from google


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