SHINee in Bliss

click for enlarged image

click for enlarged image

A feature on SHINee’s performance for the opening gala of the Korean Film festival last year!!! We’re not so sure about the constant comparison with One Direction and JLS but we’re glad to see more recognition from UK publications!!! But why did it take so long Bliss? Maybe they got too hooked into Youtubing SHINee videos… Anyways what did you guys think of the article? I think they’ve pretty much capture the image of the crazy Kpop fandom!!! Good job for naming them all correctly! :P And how about the random fact about SNSD… Lets hope these leads to more Kpop coverage in magazines!!! P.S Taemin, we hope your Pilot dream comes true one day…

Make sure you grab your copy of April’s issue of Bliss for some Kpop history!!! Its £2.99 (since when did teen mags get so expensive?! *feel old*) and comes with some cool lipgloss pens!!! And to make sure you don’t pick up the wrong issue, Rihanna is on the cover ala below…

Shinee UK Bliss magazine Kpop cover


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