Shake with T-ara

Shake with T-araKpop apps have been around for a while now as discusses in our old post.  But the new app that seems to be on a mission to bring your favourite Kpop artists into your iPhones is the Shake series.  These Shake apps are produced by Dooub inc and Loen Ent the official Kpop distributors so they are chock full of exclusive idol goodies! It started off with Superjuniors and SNSD, then IU and Trax, now the latest idols to be shaken up is the lovey dovey T-ara. The game play is exactly the same as all the other Shake apps, its upright with only 3 bars (nothing as epic as TapSonic) and requires tapping, sliding and shaking! Just don’t drop your phone!!!

Shake with T-araLike all the other Shake apps, the actual app itself is free but you only get a few free songs to play.  If you want to play any of the big hits you will have to pay. And like all the past Shake apps (except for IU), the free songs are never the big hits you want to play and you only get to play a section of the song (Stingy!). But this app is fairly new so there is currently an offer on where you can get a few of T-aras latest releases, Lovey Dovey and Roly Poly and another track on sale for $1.99 instead of the usual $2.99.

What makes the T-ara app different from all the other idol apps this time round is that they have incorporated a new feature. As you play more songs, you get rewarded with photo cards of your favourite idol. There are quite a LOT to collect and then you can combine cards to get even better cards so this T-ara app is not just all about the shaking! So like Pokemon, CATCH THEM ALL!

So who will be SHUFFLING (:D) their fingers this weekend? ;)

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