Princess Pajama

Princess Pajama

Korean “Entertainment Developer and Publisher” company Blueside Inc recently launched a new iPhone game which is currently available to all us UK folks for FREE from the iTunes store! Woop! Blueside inc are better known for their Kingdom Under Fire series, a real time tactics game, stuff the Big Bang Theory gang loves.  But now they have developed their first iOS game called Princess Pajama.  Princess Pajama is a RPG game (meaning Role Playing game for all you non-geeks, think Final Fantasy), with a rather random story line and some cute cartoon graphics, we can’t wait to start our adventure!

You can see a trailer for this game over on IGN .  It looks super adorable, quirky and fun!!!

Here is a quick plot summary from IGN: Once upon a time, Princess Pajama, who was likable but too naive sometimes, got kidnapped by the world’s most bored king, King Mon!  In Princess Pajama, a whimsical RPG from Blueside — the makers of Kingdoms Under Fire — you must rescue the princess before it’s too late and escape from the monster’s den while protecting her! Only the true hero knows the true meaning of multi-tasking. Are you up for it? Sounds fun! And not your typical oh so serious RPG plot lines!!!

Princess Pajama
Standard RPG style gameplay

But before all you dudes moan that its looks like a “girl” game, it has been described as aPerfect combination of non-stop action and strategic defense. So its not all fluffy game play!!! Expect some hard challenges from a vast range of funky monsters and the lovable Princess as well as some thoughtful planning to learn new skills and develop your character.

Princess Pajama

We are hoping for a nice relaxing Sunday this weekend so we can fully get into the game!!! If you’ve already downloaded it and had a play, let us know what you think! Got any tips? No spoilers or cheats though please!

*UPDATE:  We’ve just been told that its also available on android!!!


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