Textbook Winners!

Korean Textbooks

Thank you so much to everyone who has applied for our textbook giveaway! The response has been MASSIVE! We have taken the time to read through them all carefully and we just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for the effort you have all put into your entries! We are seriously impressed at the passion you guys have and it has been so interesting reading about everyone elses experience. The Korean culture is seriously a force to be reckoned with.

It was extremely hard deciding on the winners as we feel you all deserve a book. To those that didn’t win, please don’t let this discourage you from your ambition to learn Korean, it’s such a fun language to learn! We had 2 Speaking books and 4 Reading books to give away courtesy of The East Charity. It was hard and tough, with only 2 Speaking books to give away, it was extra hard to decide who should win it. So we decided to go talk to The East and HUZZAH! The amazing Romeo Lee spoke to the sponsors Hollym and managed to score us a EXTRA TWO SPEAKING BOOKS! Win!

And so, we have finally sorted through all the entries, it’s been tense and nail biting but we would like to now announce the winners *drum roll please*
Winners of Speaking book: 
Angelica N. , Marlies GP. , Philppa P. , Elle O.
Winners of Reading book:
Theodora Z. , Mahzabin S. , Victoria J. , Nicole Y.

We will be contacting you guys soon to get information as to where you would like your prize sent to. We are very sorry to those who did not win, it was a extremely hard decision and we hope that you will all continue to make the effort to learn Korean. Many of you have some pretty amazing plans for the future and we wish you good luck!

East Charity Logo

 The Elephant; the animal that built bridges to help people from all different walks of life connect before computers were made.We cannot believe the amazing response we have had.  And we would just like thank the wonderfully generous East charity and their sponsor Hollym again. It feels amazing to be able to offer you guys the opportunity to learn Korean! Please make sure you keep up to date with their good work on Facebook and make sure you join the United Korean Fan Club for all the up and coming events! The sponsors Hollym is a publishing and distributing company that has been providing people with high quality Korean related materials in English since as 1977. That’s 35 years!!! The range of topics they cover is vast so make sure you check them out.


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