Korean Class Massive: Loko Sunbae Dance Workshop

We seem to be getting a lot of people asking about the recent Dance workshop we Facebook/Tweeted about.  So we thought, this calls for another post!

On Saturday we attended the first of two March London Kpop Dance Workshop organised by the Loko Team. This time there were two of us participating.  I (Ema) had decided to attend my first workshop! I am super unco-ordinated, but having been to two workshops previously to play the part of photographer, I could see that the Loko team really welcome people of all different levels and teaches in a way that even double left footed people like me could understand. My decision was also partly because this Sunbae Workshop featured one of my favourite songs Digital Bounce by Se7en and the iconic dance that is Rainism.  The other two songs featured was BoA’s Copy and Paste and Hyori’s U Go Girl which was later changed to her more recent hit Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

The 3 teachers of the day L-R ~ Isabelle, Caroline and Tams. Their Maknae Deanna was unfortunately unable to attend.
The class begins with a warm up to make sure that everyone is limbered up and there won’t be any injuries. The teachers proceed to show us the dances they will be teaching us. The dances are split up so each teacher teaches you a new dance. The first up was Tams, the amazing Loko mama who rocked out to Se7en’s Digital bounce.  We think this dance was probably one of the easiest out of the four.  Tams went through the moves in detail and in the end, all we needed to add in was a bit of attitude and swag to make our bounce awesomely digital (ahem).
Kpop dancing heels London LokoThe next song was BoA Copy and Paste and hats of to Isabelle because that dance is COMPLICATED.  Isabelle was calm and super patient with us all. Unlike boy dances were the moves are more straight forward, this required a lot of intricate movements.  Boy dances are generally just all about the arms and legs, but with BoA, we had to remember our arms, legs, hands, hips, butt, pretty much everything.  We have no idea how BoA is able to sing at the same time; Talented BoA is TALENTED. Just to give you a idea of what we were learning, check out BoA’s music video below.  The section we learned was from 1:10 to 1:43, the 3 squats were option (THANK GOD).

After a 1 hour lunch break where the Loko team showed us a few more dances and general dance along with many others who were bursting with energy. We return to class to learn RAINISM!!! Getting our sexy on like one of Time’s top 100 most influential people in the world Rain (minus all the tongue action). Rainism is one of the most well known songs of Kpop, we’ve all seen it a million times by Rain and others and we all think we know it. It began well, it was repetitive and simple. But then in comes the chorus and after the infamous around the neck and down the body swipe, it got baffling. But after a few change ups to the dance routine, I think we can safely say that Caroline successfully transformed us into Bad Boys like Rain *punches palm*. The last dance of the day was Hyori’s Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  You might all think its just holding your arm up in the air and punching your hip but its SO much more then that. This girl dance was again taught by Isabelle who stayed up all night to practice for the two dances she was going to be teaching! This is a equally sexy dance to Rain although not as complicated as BoA, it was still very energetic with a lot of rapid movements and the hip swaying… So much hip swaying.

After a quick recap (where we discovered we have memories of a goldfish), I have to say that my favourite dances were Digital Bounce and Chitty chitty bang bang.  I loved the energy of them and largely because I can actually remember them! :P Eitherway, after experiencing a class myself for the first time I have developed a new found respect for all the idols and especially the Loko teachers!!!

I thoroughly recommend this class to EVERYONE! It is good for people of all dance levels! So don’t be shy or scared! Make sure you check out Loko’s next dance workshop which will be on the 25th March! They have a special guest teacher coming in and its sure to be a AWESOME dance workshop! To sign up and for more information, make sure you check out their Facebook page or the Events page. If you don’t have Facebook then you can email them at londonkpopdance@gmail.com

We will be there as usual covering and maybe dancing, make sure you say hi! Hope to see you all there and DON’T FORGET TO BRING A GIANT BOTTLE OF WATER!

For photos from the last few dance workshops we attended, make sure you subscribe to our Facebook page, where you can also get all the latest information.  Such as, did you know one of Hermione Emma Watson’s favourite movie is Korean movie Breathless? Just one of the many fun facts on our Facebook page!

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Bonus: 40 year old Mother of four Comedian Kim Ji Sun Performing Hyori’s Chitty Chitty Bang bang in 2010 Star Dance battle!

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