Terracotta Film Festival 2012

Terracotta Film London

Happy Friday everyone! If you are subscribed to our Facebook page then you should have definitely heard of the Terracotta Film Festival coming up next month!

Terracotta Film London 2

The Terracotta Film Festival aims to bring Asian Cinema to us UK Folks! (The hint is in the Terracotta bit). This year’s Film Festival will be on from 12 – 15 April and includes a very special TERROR COTTA Horror night (geddit?) Tickets for the horror night costs £18 for all 3 movies!

Being a bit of a chicken, I personally won’t be taking part in the Terror Cotta Horror Nights although Gyo looks really interesting. For all fans of American Sitcom How I Met Your Motherimagine if Cockamouse was less mouse and more shark. Sounds absolutely terrifying. And it would not be a Asian Horror night without some good old creepy pale ghost children.

The Terracotta film brand has been around for a while now and we have always been big fans! They have been spreading the joys of Asian cinema via distributions and screenings in the UK for a few years now. In 2010 I was extremely thankful to them for giving me the chance to watch the much talked about Antique! And also Japanese Anime Summer Wars which have both quickly become a favourite film of mine. Terracotta Films is one of  the first companies that helped me discover my love for Asian cinema so make sure you show your support!

The movies will be screened at Prince Charles Cinema where tickets are only £8 for non members or with a £10 Annual membership card, £6.50! It’s one of the cheapest cinemas in central London and it offers you films not shown at your standard cinemas. So if you are bored of all the usual Hollywood blockbusters you should definitely check out this little gem in the heart of London!

With the growing interest in Korean Cinema, there are FOUR Korean movies in this Aprils Terra Cotta film festival!

korean terra cotta London Film 3

Click here to go to the Terracotta Film Festival website to find out more about the film.
My Way has been called South Korea’s most ambitious and expensive film to date and have been selected to open the Film Festival! We are also super excited about the Korean Breakfast club! :D Nothing like some good laugh out loud Korean comedy on a Sunday afternoon!

Don’t miss out and book your tickets now! If you are a film nut, and want to see ALL the movies, then Terra Cotta have also come up with a special film pass! For £60 you can get a season ticket to watch all movies (not including the Terror Cotta series), if you are hardcore enough and manage to watch all 13 movies, that works out at £4.61 a movie! Bargain! For your convenience  here is the film festival schedule with our recommendations: (Sunday is going to be a filmtastic day for us!

terracotta schedule

And whilst we are on the subject of Prince Charles Cinema. Did you know that they offer you a chance to suggest movies to be screened? We’ve spotted 100 days with Mr Arrogant, can you guys spot any other Korean movies? Click the image below to go and get voting!

PCC Request Korean Film London

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