FT Island, MBLAQ & Afterschool SHAKE

Those who have us on Facebook will know that FT Island has recently joined the Shake app gang, but they are not the only one! MBLAQ (yay!) has also been shaken up and yesterday saw the release of Afterschool’s Shake app!!!

We’ve talked about these apps many times before so to check out what these games are about check out the posts about the previous Shake apps of Superjunior, SNSD, Trax, IU and T-ara.

All 3 Shake apps have 2 free songs and they are as follows. FT Island’s I’m a Foolish Person, and Grown man, MBLAQ’s She’s Breathtaking and Hello My Ex, as you can see, neither boy groups have their main releases as the free songs :( But Afterschool’s Play ur Love is available for free play along with title track Virgin. All their main releases are available for download play but it will cost a few pennies.

These 3 new apps have also adopted T-ara’s card game element. The only way we can explain this is, its kinda like pokemon… Yes, seriously. You win/achieve cards by playing. You use cards in games to help you achieve higher scores. You combine cards to evolve into special cards. Kpop Shake cards, gotta catch collect them all!

So what other idols are people dying to shake with?! With SHINee having such a epic release, our Sherlock senses are tingling!!!

This is our first go, not bad really :D Super tempted to buy ALL the tracks! When T-ara first released their app, they have a competition on Facebook to see who can score the exact score as them, winners won autographed albums so keep your eyes peeled and practice! :D


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