LoKo London Kpop Dance Workshop – The “I Know You, Dany!” Edition!

Loko Dany Dan Kpop Dance Workshop London 1

March has been a busy month for the fantastic LoKo crew, with not only one, but two dance workshops! The second one in March saw the teachers being joined by a special addition – none other than Danydan Park! The LoKo team arranged to bring Danydan over from Paris to teach with them, and we’re all very thankful they put in so much effort to arrange everything. Anyone who went to the LoKo’s Koo Young workshop last year will remember Danydan from the day, and for those that don’t know much about him, apart from being adorably awesome, he’s currently a dance teacher in Paris and has got some serious moves on him.

Loko Dany Dan Kpop Dance Workshop London 11

Once again the Korean Class MASSIVE crew set off to the LoKo’s workshop to learn some routines and get a serious sweat on!

The LoKo team have been so in demand this year, the day before this workshop, the LoKos, with Danydan, had been teaching at the Korean Cultural Centre’s Kpop Academy, an album of that day can be seen here.

Even though they’d taught the day before, they were all looking surprisingly fresh faced and ready to go. Which is funny since the Korean Class MASSIVE crew, who had been doing nothing strenuous what so ever over the weekend, were feeling tired and very unflexible (I blame the clock changing hours). Luckily, the warm up got us feeling more awake and raring to go.

The first song for the day was ‘Hip Song’ by Rain. For those familiar with this song, not only are the lyrics pretty amusing, the choreography is also fun to watch and learn.

Loko Dany Dan Kpop Dance Workshop London 2Danydan taught us the choreo up to the end of the first chorus, so yes, we did learn that amazing arms-in-front -of-face-hip-jiggling move (see at 1.28 in the video). As one member of the Korean Class MASSIVE team pointed out, the arms in front of the face came in very handy when trying to avoid looking at yourself in the mirror when doing this move. When Rain does it, it’s sexy, when we tried it, it’s just plain awkward. As silly as we looked when we did it, it’s a very fun move to do!

Loko Dany Dan Kpop Dance Workshop London 7Even if we did feel a little ungainly doing this move, the choreo is actually very fun to learn, especially the arms-crossing running back and forward bit. What made this all the more enjoyable was Danydan’s teaching. He was constantly energetic and enthusiastic the whole day, which really motivated everyone and kept the pace going. He went through the moves, explaining each in detail and demonstrated them until everyone had got it. To check that we’d all mastered the moves, he split us into groups and then tested us further by getting us to dance ‘Hip Song’ without him. It’s funny how one second you know the moves, but the second the teacher’s not doing them, your mind goes blank! Or was that just me…..?!

Caroline and Danydan also did a mini ‘Hip Song’ duet during a short break

The second song for the day was G.D and T.O.P’s ‘Don’t Go Home’.

The choreography we learnt for this was Danydan’s own. It was really fun learning Dany’s own choreo for this, his dance was innovative and super enjoyable. Through Danydan’s careful teaching, everyone was able to pick his dance up pretty quickly, and soon the studio was full of gangsta posing and G.D style swag.

Loko Dany Dan Kpop Dance Workshop London 4

The choreography was also very fun as none of his moves had been seen before. Once again, when the class had learnt the moves, Danydan separated the class into groups who then danced without him. Although it’s a bit daunting dancing in front the rest of the class in a small group without the teacher, there’s such a great atmosphere in the LoKo’s workshops always that even if you make mistakes and don’t remember the correct moves, you don’t feel embarrassed as everyone supports each other.

Loko Dany Dan Kpop Dance Workshop London 3Having Danydan over from Paris to teach was a great treat for the class, and we’re looking forward to his next visit over here. He was a great teacher, who was amazingly enthusiastic and got everyone thoroughly involved in the class. Danydan and the LoKos were a super combination and we can safely say that everyone who came had a wicked time. Full albums for the workshop can be seen here. We’re looking forward to the LoKo’s next workshop which is a Big Bang themed extravaganza in honour of a very special event, Mama Loko’s birthday! We’ll update this post with links to all the details when they’re released.


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