Viki and SBS Content Hub Sign Multi-Year Agreement – Legal Korean shows for us!

Earlier on today, Viki TV announced that it will be signing a contract with broadcasting company SBS Contents Hub, which will mean that popular SBS shows will be soon be able to be seen by people all over Europe on Viki’s website! Woo! This should mean that us British folk should be able to watch a whole host of SBS’ programs soon with ease, such as the upcoming drama ‘Ghost’ and ‘Rooftop Prince’! No longer will we have to trawl the net trying to find half decent subs and dodgy quality, but will have dozens of great shows at our finger tips, all legally.

Just some examples of what SBS dramas will be available to watch:

It’s also pretty nice to feel like we’re being included in Korean entertainment companies’ radars this time too. Usually, if benefits are given to countries in terms of programs and events, it’s either neighbouring countries of Korea, or America. But this time Europe’s been seen to be a focal point in the Korean Hallyu wave with Hwi Jin Kim, Head of Content Business of SBS Contents Hub being quoted as saying “Partnering with Viki allows us to rapidly enter new markets previously limited by geographical boundaries. Now, we can broadcast our shows to fans we haven’t been able to reach before, and in partnership with Viki, we’re looking to take the Korean wave in Europe to the masses.” That’s right SBS, Europe is definitely a place where you need to focus your gaze!

As more details of this partnership will be released during the year, it will be interesting to see what other features and bonus materials will be available. Will such a move spur other broadcasting channels into such partnerships? In this age of fierce entertainment competition, it only seems like a matter of time before rival companies try to make similar contracts with such websites. And in the end this can only be good for us, the viewer. With more choice on what Korean television to watch online, and it becoming more available globally, not only will it be good for us as fans, but will help more people to discover Korean drama and variety shows!

Tell us what you’re looking forward to being available to watch!


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