KDrama to make a bigger splash

KDrama to make a bigger splash

Some of you may remember our previous post about Viki and SBS Content Hub collaborating to bring Korean dramas to a European audience. So what could this mean for Korea fans and the promotion of Korea in the UK? Currently in the multicultural metropolis of London, people are very aware of Korea, with Kpop flashmobs happening from HMV to Trafalgar sq and new Korean restaurants popping up all the time, you’re not trendy if you do not know what a bibimbap is.

KDrama to make a bigger splashBut what about the rest of the UK? When you ask people what do they know about Korea, most people can only name a few things, Kim Jong il (from the Team America movie) and maybe the Korean war if you are old enough or had History lessons where it wasn’t just all about the Nazis, but that’s it. Most don’t even know that Korea is divided into North and South let alone which one is the communist one. Unless you are a big fan of Big Bang theory, then you should at least remember the kid genius who tunnel out of North Korea to knock Sheldon of his throne as Top genius.

Pop music has a very limited audience no matter what language it is in; it is considered to be music of the youth. So Kpop would not appeal to many people and inspire many of the older generation to discover Korea. But what is the one hobby that is loved by all Britons and is one of the favourite British past times all year round? TELEVISION! Christmas would not be Christmas without everyone gathering around to watch TV with full bellies! So could the availability of Korean dramas bring in a whole new audience and fanbase to Korea?

KDrama to make a bigger splashNot long ago the BBC published an article about sleep and how this 8 hour sleep theory was a myth. We beg to differ as we like our full nights sleep but then we came across Karen Rochon who is 69 from Washington, US. She is one of the few people out there who has an alternative sleeping pattern. When she is unable to sleep at night, she would watch Korean Dramas! She watches them subtitled and normally go for 2-3 hours straight and over the years she has watched over 70 series; proving that the appeals of Korean dramas can span a much wider age range! Karen Rochon proceeded to say she likes Korean dramas because “The Korean people have really strong morals. Unlike on American TV, there is very little violence and adultery, the actors are great and they’ve got great singers too.” We 100% agree with this at the MASSIVE. These days British and US tv shows have become a lot more adult orientated. Even innocent programs like Big Bang theory had little 5 year old children asking us what did coitus means… Awkward. We never realised how sexually orientated everything on TV is these days. Even shows such as Skins and Misfits are full of nudity, sex, drugs and rock and roll. These shows are suppose to be aimed at younger audiences but we would rather die then watch it in the same room as our parents!

KDrama to make a bigger splashIn Korean dramas, love is a lot more innocent, kisses are a big deal and any sort of Skinship for that matter (skinship ~ physical contact). Characters aren’t rushing to jump into bed with each other and hearts still flutter when they hold hands for the first time. It reminds us of a time where men were gentlemen, ladies were ladies and children were allowed to be children rather then worrying about their make up, clothes and their Facebook statuses. Yes we may sound really old fashion right now but there’s nothing wrong with instilling a bit of innocences back in the children of this generation and some good ol’ fashion values as seen in Korean dramas. We think this move would be good for today’s youth as well as Korea’s fanbase.

“Viki is a global TV site, where millions of people watch their favorite shows, movies and more — translated into 150+ languages by a community of avid fans” and currently it is only a online service (which already has a lot of Korean shows in their database so make sure you check it out)! But hopefully this official move would mean that its easier for people to get into Korean dramas and gain more fans. Maybe soon, the Big Guns such as Channel 4 and BBC will also take notice and we will see Korean dramas on British television! Allowing the younger British generation to watch shows of a different nature, as Lois says: It seems to me, that all you see, is violence in movies and sex on TV, but where are those good ol’ fashion values, of which we used to reeeeeeeeely! ~ Family Guy


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