Manbags & Make up – Shortlist 5.04.12

Manbags & Make up - Shortlist 5.04.12

Manbags & Make up - Shortlist 5.04.12When we picked up our copy of Shortlist magazine today (because we love Danny Wallace) we found quite a few Korean influences. In the recent years we have seen a rise in the Metro man; a man who grooms and takes care of himself. These days men go shopping and take care of their appearance, mums up and down the UK no longer need to buy their son’s jeans and underpants and the UK male population no longer look like they’re wearing clothes they’re waiting to grow into! These days, London tube trains are filled with men in cool clothes, well fitted jeans and suave suits with hair to match. The male beauty industry has also grown dramatically in the past few years with everyone from high end brands such as Clinique to high street ranges such as L’Oreal developing ranges especially for Men.

So with British men taking greater care of themselves and their appearance, where better to look for inspiration then in South Korea where the men are always looking polished and groom. A fine example being Lee Minho, who’s probably worn more suits then Barney Stinson. And what looks better with a suit then a fine man bag. Gone are the school boy floppy record bags and scruffy ruck sacks, these days, a trendy urban man carry well structured man bags that rivals our designer handbags! And when traveling, a fashionable man will also be travelling in style, no more shoving clothes in a sports bag! Any self respecting new age modern man would rather be carrying something as featured in Shortlist magazine.  Lee Minho shows you how to carry a man bag with style:

Manbags & Make up - Shortlist 5.04.12
Fashion tip: If you have a statement piece bag, keep your outfit simple to avoid looking ridiculous.

If you are a fan of Korean entertainment such as variety shows and of course, Kpop, the idea of men in make up would not seem completely alien to you. Mir from Mblaq often complains about having “no make up” when cruelly awoken by TV cameras; this is Korean entertainment folks! The pictures here demonstrate the more dramatic side of Man make up that can often be seen in Kpop Music Videos. Of course this is not what we expect from our every day men folk. This is purely for dramatic effect and even in live performances, Kpop male idols are rarely so made up!

Manbags & Make up - Shortlist 5.04.12

click for enlarged image

At the end of the day, we don’t see anything wrong with a man wanting to improve the way they look and why should men not be allowed to hide their imperfections too? When you look good, you feel good! The shortlist has created this AMAZING feature on man make up and its not your stereotype guyliner of a man rocker or crazy Kpop video!!! This is very natural stuff, ways to simply enhance you features, hide your imperfections, even out skin tone and basically make it look like you were born gorgeous.

So guys make sure you grab a copy of the Shortlist today! It’s free and normally handed out outside Tube station, at French Connection stores and online!


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