Anime League & Klue’s First Kpop night

Anime League & Klue's First Kpop night

If you follow us on Facebook and Twitter then you should have seen all the tweets and msgs about the All Age Kpop party that happened on Monday! The MASSIVE went along with our little entourage (who were unbeknownst to Kpop) and had an absolute blast!!! You can see a few photos from the night on our Facebook page.

We rushed over to Farringdon after work and arrive at 7:30. All of us who were over 18 were IDed twice and were given wristbands so that we would be served at the bar. They were really strict about this and if you have no ID, you would be given an under 18 wristband. So parents can rest assure that there will be no funny business here!!! When we walked into the bar the dance floor was already heaving! We shuffled around looking for dancing space, everyone in the crowds were very friendly, no pushing and shoving. Although it was a bit awkward at first as people were shy (especially our unkpopped entourage), when big tunes such as Ring Ding Dong and some good ol’ Big Bang came on, after the deafening screams, everyone was dancing. Ring Ding Dong is a brilliant song, when the chorus came on you see the whole dance floor dip down in a wave, it is one dance move that everyone knows and if you didn’t know it, you would definitely be Ring Ding Dong-ing by the end of the song!

Second ALL AGE Kpop party

The very hard working DJs

Although there were a few technical difficulties with the music and some songs could have been a bit louder, there were no major issues and the atmosphere were kept alive by the lively crowd and the very encouraging DJs. They also made it easy to request songs and these requests were actually fulfilled! We requested Gee and Fantastic Baby and both were played really quickly! We have quite a few years of clubbing under our belt and we have never witnessed such DJ service before! IT WAS BRILLIANT! The music range was also very wide, they didn’t just play the main singles that were released, they also played quite a few “b-side” tracks. We see GREAT potential in these Kpop nights and we know its going to get MASSIVE!!! We are definitely big fans already!

After the success of the night we asked the two organisers about how they felt the night went. Alvin from KLUE who got the wheels turning and made this possible said it went very well and is definitely something that will happen again! He says he has been working with Animeleague since 2009 and that we should expect more and bigger things! WE CAN’T WAIT!!! And here is our little interview with Mike from Animeleague:

Q. How did you feel the event went? Do you feel it was a good turn out?

A. For a first-time KPop event we feel that it turned out very well! There were a few things which we plan to improve on for the future, but overall it exceeded our wildest expectations with overwhelmingly positive feedback from those who attended. The final turn out was close to 200 attending over the course of the six-hours – very impressive given it was a first-time and on a Monday night! We’d like to thank everyone who attended – without you a venue is just an empty building, something we promise not to forget moving forward.

~Awww, they sound amazing and appreciative of their audiences, this is definitely one company to keep an eye on!!!

Anime League & Klue's First Kpop night

Alvin speech time

Q. Is this something you would consider doing again in the future? Do you see a market for this?

A. Animeleague and K.L.U.E will definitely be doing this again. Summer-time looks likely to be the next time we will run and we shall be aiming for the party to be bigger and better. With a number of months to plan and promote we hope to create something very special! Once we confirm, we shall make sure you’re one of the first to know!

~Best start practicing our dance moves!!! Maybe attend a few more Loko dance classes so we are ready for a summer of dancing!!! WE CAN’T WAIT!

A. Do we see a market for this? Most certainly – we want to give the fans a good time and help expand the K-Pop scene in this country – there are so many people we have spoken to who really do enjoy the music upon hearing it for the first time. We shall be doing our best to keep prices affordable for our nights, we want to expand and offer some fantastic deals for partiers in this country!

~Animeleague and KLUE helping spread the Korea love! This is what it’s all about! It’s very hard to introduce people to Kpop, the boy bands with make up, candy colours and sugary sweetness of girlbands can be off putting to UK music fans. But when in a club and all you are exposed to are the catchy beats of Kpop, its a whole different story! The buzzing energy of a Kpop crowd is contagious! And after a awkward start, our entourage was definitely loving Kpop!

Second ALL AGE Kpop party

Q. We know that Animeleague regularly do events that are more related to Japan, but after the Kpop hour at the last London Anime Con and last nights Kpop London, would you consider incorporating more Korea or Kpop related items in your events?

A. Without a doubt we are looking at ways we can incorporate more Korean and K-Pop elements in to our events. What we’ve found is that a lot of J-Pop fans really enjoy K-Pop once they’ve been exposed to it.. there seems to be a good cross-over there, and we’d love to introduce more people to K-Pop and help widen their horizons.

~With Kpop idols making it big in Japan, its only a matter of time before all Japanophiles start catching the Kpop fever! And with fun image concepts and cute dance routines, Kpop is definitely genre that will appeal to Cosplay lovers and para para dancers! This would definitely strengthen both country’s Fan Bases.

Q. And lastly, as a non-Kpop fan, did you feel moved by all the singing and dancing yesterday? Would you say you’ve become a Kpop fan yet?

A. I will admit that I’d never actually listened to KPop until two months ago when we ran a KPop hour at London Anime Con. Back then I was taken by how well suited the music is to party and dance to. In the last month or two I have slowly been discovering more about the bands, the music and this scene as a whole. I’m no expert by any means (and this is why I keep myself well away from the set-list and let our wonderful DJs handle all that!), but after last night I am totally a fan of not just the music, but (and more importantly in my view) the people in it! The enthusiasm, spirit and friendliness of this scene is something quite special and I, along with K.L.U.E and Animeleague are all honoured to be playing our own small parts to help grow and develop it in this country!

~As we said before, the Kpop buzz is definitely contagious!!!

Anime League & Klue's First Kpop night We also spoke to Wai who was dragged along to the event. Wai is a lover of rock and heavy metal; a serious music fan who loves his legends such as Kirk Hammet and Slash. At first he felt a bit awkward because a Kpop crowd can be quite OTT with all the fan girl screams.  But the tunes had a good beat and he soon found himself bopping along to the rhythm. After working his way into the middle of the dance floor and having friendly Kpop fans all around showing him the dance moves, he soon found himself waving his arms up in the air to High High along with the whole dance floor! Since then Wai has been bombarding us with constant questions about Kpop. What was that song where you bumped your arms and shouted Shock? Who sings that song Lucifer? What was that Boom Shakalaka song?! We’ve definitely got a few new Kpop fan on our hands!!!

So watch this space oldbie and newbie Kpop fans alike for more Kpop nights to come!

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