Plastic Surgery & Men ~ Shortlist 12.04.12

Plastic Surgery & Men ~ Shortlist 12.04.12Last week we picked up a copy of Shortlist magazine and pointed out a few Korean influences we spotted and this week, we’ve picked up our favourite man mag again and spotted a hot Korean topic on their front page! In our previous post we mentioned how men were caring a little more about their appearances; from fashion to skincare, men are allowed to start caring about how they look without being mocked by their fellow peers. In this week’s issue, Shortlist calls this the “Male grooming boom” and it was no longer an issue of vanity but more about self-esteem. Shortlists points out that men have started adopting “The Adonis Complex, men are falling prey to exactly the same kind of ‘body image preoccupation, dissatisfaction and distortion’ that has plagued women for decades.” This is largely to do with this new Celebrity culture of hyper-masculine Men’s Health cover models that are constantly shoved in our faces. This culture is also very visible in South Korea where normal men as well as idols are all expected to have ripped bodies and look as flawless as their female counterparts. Apparently 1 in 5 men in the UK compare themselves to the likes of David Beckham and other famous athletes so we can only imagine what the pressure must be like when you are an idol in the Kpop industry and publicly compared to your handsome band mates, being put on the sides during photos as “The Face” needs to stand in the middle. But even though men are suffering the same pressures as women, they are unable to freely talk and moan about their flaws and are forced into a “silent epidemic” and as Shortlist explains “being rational ‘problem solvers’, are more than happy to undergo corrective surgery.”

The main feature of this week’s Shortlist is about the growing trend of plastic surgery in the UK male population where dedicated followers of bo-tox, lovingly call it Bro-tox. And Bro-tox has become so common in today’s “image-conscious society” that men are now turning to “more extreme, invasive treatments to tackle their physical hang-ups.” From Tummy tucks, hair transplants, ear correction, penoplasty *ahem* and nose jobs which is the most popular procedure amongst men, men all over the UK are forking out their hard earned cash to correct their flaws. Blepharoplasty is also common amongst UK males, that’s eye lid surgery to you and me and this is one procedure that is often linked to South Korean celebrities.

Plastic Surgery & Men ~ Shortlist 12.04.12Just last year Super Junior’s Shindong admitted to having eye lid surgery. During the Mr Simple comebacks, Shindong lost a significant amount of weight and was looking more handsome than ever. People put it down to his weight lose for his dramatic change in appearance but when he, fellow band mates and Jay Park went to greet Boom at the end of Boom’s military service, he was spotted with puffy eyes that had people speculating he may have had plastic surgery. Shindong has never been one to shy away from controversial topics and have talked about plastic surgery before including pranking people with photos of him with cosmetic surgery markings. So it was no surprise when he admitted to having Blepharoplasty. Eye lid surgery is actually quite common in Korean society with a number of Kpop idols admitting to it.

Kwanghee plastic Surgery

Shindong Plastic SurgerySelf proclaimed Mr Plastic Surgery idol Kwanghee from ZE:A has become famous after openly talking about his plastic surgery procedures. He claims that he has pretty much fixed his whole face and cannot drink alcohol as it makes him go red and can cause problems. When past photos of him were revealed, he looks almost unrecognisable! Lee Hyori has even tweeted him telling him to stop having plastic surgery and as of this month, Kwanghee has announced that he thinks it’s time to stop and he doesn’t plan to have any more procedures. This month has also seen Shindong talking about plastic surgery again uploading a photo of his face covered in surgery markings, but thankfully it all turned out to be a April fools joke as otherwise, Shindong would be completely unrecognisable if he went through all that work!!! Can you imagine a British celeb doing something like this? What do you think the UK’s reaction would be?

click for enlarged image

click for enlarged image

200 pounds of beautyPlastic surgery is a hot topic and quite prominent in South Korea. People do it and although they won’t go around shouting it from rooftops, they won’t treat it as some dirty little secret either. Kwanghee himself has said when asked about his confessions of plastic surgery: “There’s nothing bad about it. My agency told me to stop talking about it on shows at first, but it ended up working out because everyone enjoyed it. I made enough money to pay my parents back for the money they spent on my plastic surgery. The only thing I’m worried about is misleading others into thinking that plastic surgery is an easy decision. Everyone, please think hard before you make your decision!” (From allKpop). Plastic surgery is quite a touchy subject, personally I don’t see anything wrong in fixing yourself up if you wanted to, yet people should not feel pressured to change their appearances. But let’s not go into that for now as that would be a MASSIVE post! Instead let’s talk a bit about one of my favourite movies 200 Pounds of Beauty. This movie is about how one girl went through a complete body make over having plastic surgery from head to toe. I 100% recommend this movie as I believe it has a strong message (I hope I haven’t completely misread it). I personally feel this movie has the positive message that plastic surgery won’t solve all your problems BUT it also shouldn’t matter whether you have had plastic surgery or not. As long as you are a decent person and true to yourself. If you are going to do plastic surgery, make sure you do it for the right reasons, for yourself, and not others! Seriously, watch the movie! It’ll make you laugh and cry!

So don’t forget to pick up your copy of Shortlist magazine! This article is a very interesting read about a side of plastic surgery you don’t usually hear about! What do you think about the current growth of plastic surgery in the UK male population? Do you think a British celeb could get away with confessing like Kwanghee? Or would he need to hide it like a dirty little secret for fear of ridicule from the British celebdom? Also warning: the extra section where one of Shortlist’s journalists talk about how he underwent liposuction because he was young and foolish and wanted to do it for a funny article had us wanting to vomit. Then again we are a bit squeamish but I don’t plan to finish that section of the article anytime soon… The Shortlist magazine is out today and you can normally pick one up from the friendly people handing them out outside tube stations. Alternatively I think they also have them available at French Connection and possibly River Island too!

p.s We also found this very cool link of pre-debut photos of male idols. Its very interesting and absolutely hilarious to see how some of them have changed! Who’s had plastic surgery, who looks exactly the same and who have simply grown into the fine men they were destined to be? Check it out HERE


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