Bringing Kpop Auditions to the UK! Avance Entertainment!

Dream Stage Korea 2013 Auditions

Have many of you have ever wished you could be up on the stage like your favourite idols, mic in hand and busting out some choice moves? For those of you who weren’t able to participate in last year’s MBC Star Audition in London, this year may hold more chances for those wanting to showcase their talents, and possibly making it big in Korea, and in their home country too.

If you’ve been looking at many of the UK Kpop related groups and pages on Face Book recently, you may have seen something along the lines of ‘Avance auditions to be held in London’, but what exactly is this all about and what will be happening?

Avance Entertainment  is “a company that specializes in the management of foreign talent for the Korean entertainment industry“, so basically they scout the globe for people who have talent and help them to develop their skills to perform in Korea and abroad. Their website has more details on the company –

Dream Stage Korea 2013 Auditions info

This year, they have started their “Dream Stage Korea (DSK) 2013” campaign to form idol groups from foreign countries to debut in Korea, then later promote in their home countries. This year, 10 cities from around the world will be visited by Avance Entertainment, and the chosen few candidates will then be trained in Canada for their Korean debut in 2013.

Sounds like something that’s up your street? Their website has a more detailed explanation of the DSK 2013 project –
Dream Stage Korea 2013 Auditions info 2

However, it’s not as easy as just turning up to auditions at a set time and date. As of yet, the countries and cities that will be visited have not been set in stone. It’s up to us, the fans and hopeful contestants, to get our nominated city of London voted a one of the 10 cities to visit. But how to do this you ask?!

The main way is to visit their Face Book page and vote –

Dream Stage Korea 2013 Auditions facebook

It’s important to vote so we can guarantee that London gets picked as one of the 10 cities that will be visited! And for our readers from different countries, if you’re city is on that list, vote too!

For a more in depth look at how the whole process of how cities are chosen and what will happen during the auditions, please take a look here as a lot of info is gone over. There are more ways to help get your city selected than just voting on Face Book, so if you’re feeling imaginative, there are a lot of chances to show your creative side.

Dream Stage Korea 2013 Auditions info 3
After the city selections are made, there’s a busy schedule, with everything moving fast. It’s all happening within the next few months, so hold onto your seat belts!
Dream Stage Korea 2013 Auditions info 4

The final auditions in Canada have some very special judges. Miss. Kim Yeon Ji of former girl-group SeeYa, and Mr. Kim Hyung Kyu, CEO of Modern and Bridge, Inc. (Modern K Music Academy and Rainbow Bridge Artist Agency) and Director of Talent Development at Cube Entertainment (responsible for 4 Minute, Beast, G.NA. etc.) will be two of the judges!

So what it boils down to is if we want a chance to have auditions in our country, then we need to do a few clicks on Face Book, or if you’re feeling very adventurous, get your video editing skills going. If enough Kpop fans contribute, we can get auditions in London. Woo hoo!


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