Korean Restaurant Guide 2012 : England

Korean Restaurant Guide 2012 : England

Are you a Korean food fan? Or are you a food fan in general and always on the look out for something new to try and fall in love with? This year we see the first publication of the Korean restaurant guide that helps you discover something new! Korean food is currently the trendy hip cuisine of London with new restaurants popping up all the time such as Kimchee that opened at Holborn just last year. This guide consists of reviews of 41 Korean restaurants in London and New Malden with lots of useful information to help you decide where to eat! This guide was brought to you by KFF, the Korean Food Foundation who are the leading non-government organisation dedicated to promoting Korean cuisine. And this awesome little guide is absolutely FREE!!!

Korean Restaurant Guide 2012 : England

Although this guide states it’s the England version it only covers restaurants in New Malden, Central London and it’s surrounding areas. This guide features 20 Korean restaurants in Central London, 16 in New Malden and a further 5 in greater London including one in Staines.

This guide comes with a handy little map of all the areas it features and a London Underground map! It’s always cool to have a London Underground map! With each restaurant review there is also a more detailed map of how to find your chosen restaurant.

London Korean Restaurant guide 3In the reviews it tells you a little bit about the restaurant such as where it’s name originates from, what it’s atmosphere is like to help you choose the restaurant to perfectly match the ambiance you are aiming for. Then it tells you about it’s signature dishes or what they recommend you should try. Another really handy part of the review is that it lists out all the information you would need such as telephone numbers, opening times, worded directions if you are not good at reading maps and also the approximate average spend to help make sure you stay within budget!

Now did you notice anything special about the picture above? If you take a close look you will notice that the information is listed in English, French AND Korean!!! Everything in this book features both a French and Korean translation, from the preface to the description, vastly broadening it’s readership!

Korean Restaurant Guide 2012 : EnglandWe are finding this little guide SUPER useful and really helps us find a cool new restaurant to try, our only problem is that there are so many to choose from! We’re finding the recommended dishes really handy when ordering and helps us discover something new. Ordering food can always be a bit of an ordeal especially when you are not familiar with all the dishes and some menus do not feature descriptions of all the dishes, but never fear! This guide also features a sort of glossary for all the most popular dishes so you can be sure of what you are ordering and you won’t make the mistake of ordering a Sundae and then being shocked when you are presented with pork intestines stuffed with glass noodles… Very different from the dessert version we are used to.

This book is available at Korean restaurants and the Korean Culture Centre in London. But with thanks to The East and Han Restaurant (Restaurant number 27 in the guide), we have been given a batch to send out for your convenience!!! If you would like a guide then let us know why you want one and how you will use it! Here at the Massive we are keen helping people discover their love for Korea and what’s a better way then with the power of food!!! If you have a blog or know of any restaurant or general bloggers who could benefit from this handy little guide and help us spread the word of how delicious Korean good is then please let us know!

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